Sunday: Indie Spotlight

Featuring a piece of fiction each and every week. If you would like your novel, novella, or anthology featured send me an email at Spotlights will be scheduled on a first contacted, first posted basis, but if there’s a date you’d like to schedule, please get in touch and I’ll see what can be done.

Thursdays: A Review from My Commute

I’ve become a huge fan of audiobooks on my commute as a way to increase the number of books I can get ‘read’ before I die. These are the books I’m interested in, or find in my local library and are based solely on my tastes. You’ll even sometimes get posts on the books I didn’t finish…

Fridays: Friday Fiction

Fiction, fiction, fiction. I’m going to share some fiction with you on Fridays. Most likely it’ll be written by me, but sometimes we may have some guests!