FLASH FICTION FRIDAY: Undead Candle | #flashfiction #freefiction

Shared from Days with the Undead

Undead Candle

It went up like a Christmas tree starved of water for too long, dried skin easy fuel for the flames.

I stood there watching the colours flicker—orange, red, and yellow—as I cursed what my father had become. I didn’t feel sadness for what had happened—I knew he was in a better place now.

But I should have known that sometimes Murphy’s Law rang true.

As it stumbled around, its body burning without pain, everything it touched caught fire. Now I was watching the house go up, drawing more of them to the blessed inferno.

Burn, fuckers, burn.

All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2014 Julianne Snow

FLASH FICTION FRIDAY: Bloat | #flashfiction #agoraphobia #zombies

Shared from Days with the Undead


“What the fuck is that smell?”

“Shhh! It’s got to be one of them! Don’t tell it we’re here for fucksake!”

Mark wasn’t sure what to say at Amanda’s outburst. But then he’d never actually been outside since it all went down. Sure he’d seen things from his window, but never anything up close. Hell he was surprised he’d even gotten this far…

As an agoraphobic, he hadn’t set foot outside his home since he was twenty-one and at thirty-seven, when the zombies attacked, he was perfectly fine staying inside. Until his supplies ran out.

At least he’d had Amanda to count on. She was his only life line, even before the uprising. One night, after seeing the reports on the news, he’d heard her knocking frantically at his door. She’d come to try and convince him to leave his condo, but it had taken her four months.

With the undead moving out of the cities, she’d finally convinced him it was the safest time for them to move.

Not that it was an easy feat for him at all. They started slowly, having decided on a number of milestones to overcome each day. Some days Mark failed, not being able to get much past the front door but it all changed the day Amanda told him she was leaving.

And she did leave. The very next day. But it was good for Mark because it forced him to make a decision: to leave and try not to look back.

So on his first day outside, after stepping into what appeared to be an abandoned building, he found his olfactory senses assaulted with the concentrated smell of them. There had been whiffs as the travelled down the streets but nothing as bad as this.

Rounding a corner, trying to source the smell, they came upon a hulking mass of what used to be a man, his body so bloated it appeared to be twice the size.

Exhaling sharply at the smell, Mark exclaimed “I think I’m going to be sick!”

At the sound of a voice, the body rolled and the distended stomach burst, releasing a smell that burned their eyes and activated their gag reflexes. It started to crawl toward them, dragging its bulk with it.

Amanda turned to flee, but Mark’s feet were rooted to the spot. He longed for his safe apartment and silently cursed Amanda for making him leave it.

Copyright © 2013 Julianne Snow


BLOG TOUR SPOTLIGHT: Anguish Unfolds — AE Faulkner | #YA #Dystopian #YADystopian

anguish unfolds banner

Nature’s Fury Series

AE Faulkner

Genre: YA Dystopian

Anguish Unfolds

Nature’s Fury 1.5

1.5- Anguish UnfoldsWith the life she knew all but gone, Riley must decide if she’ll let the road ahead break her spirit or bolster her drive.

When her sister’s safety is threatened, Riley discovers just how far she will go to protect Quinn. No matter the toll – emotionally and physically. With little faith in returning to the only family she has left, Riley follows the path that she believes is her only choice. Relying on others to lead the way, she is forced to face some of her deepest fears.

NOTE: You must have read Darkness Falls in order to understand Anguish Unfolds. Although I recommend you read Anguish Unfolds before diving into book 2 in the series (Chaos Ensues, coming in 2020), it is not necessary.

Goodreads * Amazon

Darkness Falls

Nature’s Fury #1

1- Darkness FallsAs nature tires of human destruction, two sisters must face a changing environment that stands between them and survival.

When Quinn and Riley set out on a family vacation with their parents, the trip ends before it begins. Mother Nature interferes with their plans, setting off a sequence of events that thrusts the teens into a hostile landscape.

Stranded, with limited supplies, struggling to figure out who they can trust along the way, they must determine how to survive nature’s evolving fury.

Goodreads * Amazon

AE Faulkner_325x400About the Author: AE Faulkner is a young adult dystopian author. Her debut novel, Darkness Falls, is the first book in the Nature’s Fury series, which explores the Earth’s response to humans poisoning her streams, abusing her animals and destroying her beauty.

She has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Millersville University and a master’s degree in advertising, public relations & journalism from Temple University.

Although she escaped in books as a child, college textbooks sucked the fun out of reading. Years later, The Hunger Games trilogy became the spark that rekindled her love of books. After devouring that series, she quickly became captivated by dystopian novels.

After several years of reading them, she decided to take a stab at writing one that combined her love for nature with her fear of human destruction

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BLOG TOUR SPOTLIGHT: Hunting the Devil — Suanne Schafer | #MedicalThriller #CrimeMystery #DarkRomance

hunting the devil banner

Hunting the Devil

Suanne Schafer

Genre: Medical Thriller, Crime Mystery, Dark Romance

HuntingTheDevil-SuanneSchafer_373x600When Dr. Jessica Hemings volunteers for a medical mission in Rwanda, she becomes entrapped in the maelstrom of Rwandan politics and the enmity between Hutus and Tutsis. Her Tutsi features plunge her into the Rwandan Genocide. Dr. Cyprien Gatera, Jess’s superior and a Hutu radical, commandeers her clinic, slaughters her patients and her adopted sons, then forces her to treat his wounded. She escapes and survives three weeks in hiding before finding refuge at Benaco refugee camp in Tanzania.

There, Jess vows revenge. She searches for Gatera with the help of Michel Fournier, a French lawyer-turned-war-correspondent, and Dr. Tom Powell, her long-time lover. When an unknown informant passes information to Jess about her nemesis, she returns to Rwanda, despite warnings from the Belgian Secret Service that Gatera plans to assassinate her. In their final showdown, Jess must decide if revenge is best served cold—or not at all.

Goodreads * Amazon


suanne_schafer-web_322x400About the Author: Suanne Schafer, born in West Texas at the height of the Cold War, finds it ironic that grade school drills for tornadoes and nuclear war were the same: hide beneath your desk and kiss your rear-end goodbye. Now a retired family-practice physician whose only child has fledged the nest, her pioneer ancestors and world travels fuel her imagination.

She originally planned to write romances, but either as a consequence of a series of failed relationships or a genetic distrust of happily-ever-after, her heroines are strong women who battle tough environments and intersect with men who might—or might not—love them.

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FLASH FICTION FRIDAY: Horse | #flashfiction #freefiction

Sharing from my other site Days with the Undead


It neighed softly, fear flickering in its eyes. The poor animal was scared and with just cause.

A horde ringed its paddock, each of them straining against the wire fence, trying to get in.

It circled the inner sanctum, nervous energy twitching its muscles as it pranced. The undead surrounding it keened desperately for the meal only a few feet away.

The fence bowed slightly before snapping back, propelling part of the gathered group backward. With the wall of bodies behind them, they snapped forward again, the tension on the fence finally causing it to buckle inward. Like molasses, they flooded into the pasture, each of them slowed by the sheer number clamouring to get in.

As the undead sought out the entrance to their prey, the animal saw its chance.

With hands scrabbling to catch hold, it bolted in the opposite direction, barely clearing the fence as it jumped. Hands continued to grab at the fuzz-covered muscle as it mowed down any who stood in its way.

Clearing a copse of trees, it was brought up short. The numbers in front greatly outweighed those behind. Flight took over again and it bolted through the middle, only to be stopped by the sheer number of bodies packed tightly together.

Within moments it fell, its attempt at escape over.

Copyright © 2013 Julianne Snow


BLOG TOUR SPOTLIGHT: The Vampire’s Curse: Life Eternal — J.G. Gatewood | #UrbanFantasy

The vampires curse banner

The Vampire’s Curse: Life Eternal

J.G. Gatewood

Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy

The Vampire's CurseThere’s no other way to say it; cancer is a bitch. When I was fifteen, Doctor’s diagnosed me with a rare brain tumor and gave me five years to live. With my death imminent, I made a deal with the Devil. Well, not the real Devil, but one of his minions for sure. Out of options, I accepted an offer for eternal life. I agreed to become a vampire. And all I had to offer in exchange was one year of service to a Duke named Aldric. What is one year in the grand scheme of things? Especially, when I’d live forever.

Now, two years later, I have a different view of vampires. I live in the shadows and have no contact with any of my friends or family. I hate what I’ve become and If I could go back and do it all over again, I would. To make matters worse, Aldric is summoning me for my one year of service. When I refuse, they hunt me like an animal. I’m run over by a car and witness my mother’s death at the hands of Aldric’s minions. No one stands up to-let alone refuses-Aldric, but enough is enough. I can’t live like this. I’m always watching over my shoulder, and fear each new person I meet is on a mission to kill me. This is not a second lease on life; its torture and the only way it will end is if I kill Aldric. It’s time for him to die.

Goodreads * Amazon

JG Gatewood_400x400About the Author: J.G. Gatewood is the author of the Keepers of the Orbs Fantasy Series and other writing projects. The first three books in the series (The Unknown Man, The Rising Past, A Shadow Within) are available on Amazon, as are his YA Fantasy novel, The Final Offering, and his Sci-Fi short story, Redemption.

When J.G. Gatewood is not writing, he is a full-time Subject Matter Expert and an avid reader.

He lives in Parker, Colorado with his wife of 16 years, and two sons. In what little free time he has remaining, he is usually busy brewing his own beer, crafting his own wine or enjoying a fine cigar.

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FLASH FICTION FRIDAY: The Vintage Wallpaper | #freefiction #flashfiction #pictureprompt

*Sharing this from my other site Days with the Undead

The Vintage Wallpaper

I sit with my back against the wall, trying to be as small as possible. I know they can’t see me though the wall but it’s just part of how I hide from the Wasted. Stay small and hidden are how I’ve been able to survive these past months on my own as I move through now dead landscape.


Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Across from me, the muted tones of moss, mustard, cream, and brick pink weave together to illustrate the vintage floral wallpaper popular long ago. The walls are covered in it, some pieces peeling where the water had gotten in.

A relic of long-lost style, the image was nostalgic of a better time. Lost in my own memories, I didn’t hear the quiet shuffling from the other room, didn’t see the bloated body pass through the opening from the darkened living room.

As the Wasted shrieked, I froze on the hardwood beneath me—why had I assumed this place was empty in my haste. Stupidity equals death in this new world.

Copyright © 2019 Julianne Snow


BLOG TOUR SPOTLIGHT: Deadly Encounters Series — Zia Westfield | #Thriller #RomanticSuspense

deadly encounters series banner

Killer Secrets

Zia Westfield

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Thriller

Killer Secrets

Deadly Encounters Book 1

1- Killer Secrets_377x600With bills to pay, an orphaned niece to raise and her job on the line, Gemma Fitzgibbons needs a front-page story in order to keep her job. A serial killer and a corrupt detective, whose father was accused of corruption, offer headline possibilities, but when she confronts Jack Donahue, the detective is nothing like she expected.

Jack considers reporters to be bottom-feeders, and deep into the investigation of a series of murders in which the victim is posed with a wedding veil, he doesn’t have the time or inclination to delve into the scandal that ruined his father’s career. But Gemma won’t take no for an answer. Neither will she stop investigating the Wedding Veil Killer. When she attracts the attention of the killer, Jack is assigned to keep her safe. But Gemma isn’t about to hide away. She intends to use the leads she’s developed to help him track down the person responsible for the gruesome murders.

Torn between his dislike of reporters and his admiration for the smart, sexy, reporter he’s drawn deeper into the scandal in his father’s past–a scandal that someone will kill to keep hidden.

But, when Gemma uncovers secrets about the scandal, and her life is threatened, Jack is determined to protect her. It’s also time to make a choice–leave the past buried or fight for the future.

**Only 99 cents!! **

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Killer Lies

Deadly Encounters Book 2

2- Killer Lies_377x600Kelsey Tremayne’s life unraveled in the summer of her 16th year when she and a friend were abducted. She came out of the experience alive, but without memories of her abduction and her friend was never found. Rumors that she’d killed her friend in jealousy, and that she was mentally unstable, started and eventually her parents moved her away from Carville. Now, she’s back in Carville to settle her aunt’s estate. However, someone is watching her, playing with her mind. Could it even escalate to murder?
One man is willing to stand by her, protect her, and breach the barriers that have guarded her heart for so long.

Sam Carmichael stays focused on the job and keeps his personal interactions limited. The emotional instability of his wife and her subsequent suicide have made him leery of getting deeply involved with anyone. Even so, someone is targeting Kelsey Tremayne and the roots go back twelve years to an abduction that was never solved. As Sam is drawn deeper into the case, he can’t help admiring Kelsey’s strength and compassion and he vows to do everything he can to find the truth and bring her kidnapper to justice.

Can two people hurt by their pasts survive a criminal’s web to find a future together?

Amazon * B&N * Kobo * Smashwords

Killer Deceptions

Deadly Encounters Book 3

3- Killer Deceptions_377x600Angie Rossi is a first grade teacher with a large Italian family that is about to celebrate her grandparents’ fiftieth anniversary at a resort in the snowy Catskill Mountains of New York. She’s wrangled her neighbor into playing her date for the weekend. Only, when she opens the door she finds Joe Vanetti, a nemesis from her childhood, ready to be her escort.

Joe Vanetti is a cop intent on tracking down a jewel thief from his past. He’s gotten word that his suspect will be at the hotel where Angie’s grandparents are holding their celebration and where a famous violinist with an equally famous emerald necklace is set to perform. Joe persuades Angie to let him be her date. This Christmas will be one neither will forget, assuming they live to see the day.


Zia Westfield_400x400About the Author: Zia Westfield creates suspenseful, exciting stories with romance at the heart of them. There is nothing more thrilling than watching two people fall in love despite the odds and the danger surrounding their every move.

She makes her home in Tokyo with her husband and three sons. She holds a full-time job, volunteers too much because she doesn’t know how to say “no,” and generally finds peace.


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BLOG TOUR SPOTLIGHT: A Parliment of Crows — Alan M. Clark | #Horror #SouthernGothicCrime

a parliament of crows banner

A Parliament of Crows

Alan M. Clark

Genre: Southern Gothic Crime, Horror

Cover_AParliamentOfCrows_with Badge_400x600In A Parliament of Crows, the three Mortlow sisters are prominent American educators of the nineteenth century, considered authorities in teaching social graces to young women. They also pursue a career of fraud and murder. Their loyalty to one another and their need to keep their secrets is a bond that tightens with each crime, forcing them closer together and isolating them from the outside world. Their ever tightening triangle suffers from madness, religious zealotry and a sense of duty warped by trauma they experienced as teenagers in Georgia during Sherman’s March to the Sea. As their crimes come back to haunt them and a long history of resentments toward each other boils to the surface, their bond of loyalty begins to fray. Will duty to family hold or will they turn on each other like ravening crows?

Amazon * IFD Publishing

AlanMClarkAutoPortrait_292x400About the Author: Alan M. Clark grew up in Tennessee in a house full of bones and old medical books. As a writer and illustrator, he is the author of sixteen published books, including 11 novels, a lavishly illustrated novella, four collections of fiction, and a nonfiction full-color book of his artwork. His illustrations have appeared in books of fiction, non-fiction, textbooks, young adult fiction and children’s books. Awards for his work include the World Fantasy Award and four Chesley Awards. Mr. Clark’s company, IFD Publishing, has released 42 titles of various editions, including traditional books, both paperback and hardcover, audio books, and ebooks by such authors as F. Paul Wilson, Elizabeth Engstrom, and Jeremy Robert Johnson.

Website * Facebook * Facebook * Instagram * Amazon * Goodreads



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