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Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Beware of dogs, romance and deep belly laughs!
Four friends meet in a dog park and become fast friends. Four different backgrounds, four different personalities, but two things in common, the love for their funny, endearing four-legged furry friends and their deep friendship for each other. Come along and join my girls as they find their true love in the urban jungle of New York City and each snag the man of their dreams. To get you started on this fun journey, this set includes Leashed, Book 1 and Groomed for Murder, Book 2 of The Going to the Dogs series.
And they call it puppy love!
When Jack falls head-over-paws for cute and cuddly Jill next door — that creamy coat, those soft brown eyes, and, yowza, those long legs, he simply cannot help himself. Bing, bang, boom, a few weeks later, Jack has some ‘splaining to do when that cute female is with puppies. Jack’s going to be a father, trouble is his lady love’s owner Owen McKay and his owner Callie Lassiter need a little shove into love. Being a large and in-charge Great Dane, that’s no problem for Jack. With a little cooperation and a little matchmaking, some nudging, whining and puppy dog eyes, hopefully, everyone will live happily ever after together.
Groomed for Murder
Can a dog have a bad hair day?
Brooke Palmer owns Pawlish, an exclusive doggie spa and grooming business in upper Manhattan, but when a client’s champion poodle gets a bad poodle cut and has to undergo therapy to recover, the client sues. The lawyer they send is drop dead gorgeous, but Brooke won’t be wooed by a corporate shark in a sharp suit.
Corporate lawyer Drew Hudson has better things to do then take on this ridiculous lawsuit, but since he works for the client’s husband, he has no choice. After meeting the beautiful, sweet-tempered owner, he can’t keep his mind on the silly case. But when the client turns up dog gone dead, Brooke may be a conflict of interest when she’s charged with the murder. All Drew wants to do is prove that this sexy entrepreneur is not dangerous, except to his heart.
Can she take a chance on him?
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Don’t miss Hounded and Collared Book 3 and 4 along with the wedding novellas that are now available in a boxed set!
Other books in the Going to the Dogs Series:
Going to the Dogs, Book 3
I’ll get you and your little dogs, too!
Veterinarian Poe Madigan enters The Fur Ball with her Jack Russell terriers (aka The Terrible Two) to compete for a substantial cash prize that will keep her mother from losing her home. But when her fabulous partner sprains his ankle, Poe must trade him and his talented Bichon for a sexy, muscle-bound hunk who can’t dance and his Basset Hound, Lazy Daisy. If that’s not enough to make her despair, it seems The Terrible Two have angered someone and they’re receiving death threats!
Security specialist Jared Taylor promises one of Poe’s friends that he will go undercover as her dog dancing partner to protect her from danger. He didn’t expect to find his staid, traditional life would be turned all topsy-turvy and he would find a soft spot for a neglected hound and fall for a Goth princess. But when he reveals who he really is and why he is in Poe’s life will it destroy the foundation of trust they’ve built? Could he lose the real prize – Poe?
Going to the Dogs, Book 4
Diamonds are a dog’s best friend.
Harper Sinclair discovers that her champion, award-winning standard poodle, Ch. Edgewood Sky High Blue is missing her $50,000 diamond dog collar that was given to her by Harper’s eccentric, indulging grandmother along with valuable pieces of jewelry. Harper calls the robbery division of the NYPD and reports the thefts. The detective they send is surly and tough with a pair of brown eyes that make even this calm, cool socialite’s lungs claw for air.
Rough and tumble Detective Caleb Shaw has better things to do than run over to the penthouse of a frigging socialite to find a frigging collar for a frigging pampered poodle—award winning or not. He has real cases to solve, but when he gets a load of the poodle’s owner, his interest in the case…heats up. Satin sheets or not, he wants Harper. But there is more to this robbery than the dog collar. Has someone close to Harper pulled an inside job?
Can a lovely socialite collar a hard-boiled detective or are they worlds apart?
Going to the Dogs, Book 5
Companion Novella to Hounded. Your enjoyment would be increased if you have read not only Hounded, but the full Going to the Dogs series.
Poe is getting married and she’s having Jared’s baby. She’s gotten her happily ever after, but everything happened so fast, she’s barely had time to take it all in. She’s worried about her ability to be a good mother. Will her doubts overshadow these joyous occasions—her marriage and honeymoon with her sexy cowboy?
But, she’ll have to catch her breath on the run. Before she can say Zombie Apocalypse, she’s off to Vegas where all her friends and family are assembling. They have to put a wedding together in a week. Can the dog park babes come to her rescue to get this hitching to come off without a hitch?
Ah, wait, The Terrible Two are involved.
Going to the Dogs, Book 6
A companion novella to Leashed, Going to the Dogs, #1. Your reading enjoyment would be enhanced if you’ve already read Leashed.
Callie and Owen are getting married, but there’s always been something that’s bothered Callie. Owen has never opened up about his childhood, never confided in her what formed him into the man he was today.
As they tie the knot, Callie’s determined that now that Owen is her husband, she has a right to know about his past. A past Owen would rather die than reveal to his beautiful new wife. His past is ugly and brutal. He’s worried that Callie will see him in a different light. He can’t take the chance.
But as they embark on their new life together, Callie can’t let it go and Owen won’t open up. How can their marriage progress in light of what Callie feels is Owen’s distrust. Will their marriage even survive the honeymoon?
Going to the Dogs, Book 7
A companion novella to Groomed for Murder Going to the Dogs, #2. Your reading enjoyment would be enhanced if you’ve already read Groomed for Murder.
Brooke and Drew are getting married and Brooke is happy juggling all her responsibilities with her wonderful fiancé, Drew and her playful Bulldog, Boxer. She’s in her element running both Pawlish, her doggie grooming spa and Bone Appétit, her dog treat franchise.
But, even though Drew hasn’t been demanding, he’s unhappy. Whenever he brings up slowing down, she reassures him she can handle everything. But the reality is that she isn’t and their relationship is suffering. It isn’t until the honeymoon that things come to a head. Brooke is spending more time putting out fires with her businesses than she is quenching her new husband’s fire.
Will her need to handle everything cause her to lose…the only thing that matters?
Going to the Dogs, Book 8
A companion novella to Collared, Going to the Dogs, #4. Your reading enjoyment would be enhanced if you’ve already read Collared.
Harper and Caleb are getting married and for the most part nothing has really changed for Harper. She’s still uber rich, her life filled with charities and smoozing. But instead of loneliness and protective walls, she’s opened her heart to the best and most wonderful thing that has happened to her—gorgeous and tough, Detective Caleb Shaw.
But Caleb’s once normal, blue collar life has been significantly changed. With Harper’s money taking care of everything, what is there for him to provide her? Especially when he hears it bantered around that he’s a “kept” man. Harper dismisses that kind of talk as nonsense and urges Caleb to not worry about it. But even as he tries to grow a thick skin, his pride causes rifts. Will Caleb let Harper’s wealth destroy the deep and abiding love they found?
Will their marriage end before it even begins?

About the Author — Zoe writes romantic comedy, new adult, contemporary and erotic romance as well as urban fantasy. She believes it’s not about formulas or rules. It’s all about the happily ever afters.
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EERIE TRAILS OF THE WILD WEIRD WEST BLOG TOUR: Interview with @MaynardBlackoak | #Supernatural #Horror

Today I’m hosting author Maynard Blackoak and his supernatural horror collection Eerie Trails of the Wild Weird West as he tours the internet! Welcome Maynard, why don’t you take a moment and introduce yourself to the captive audience that you now have before you. 

I’m Maynard Blackoak, an author living in Oklahoma. The greatest influences in my writing are the works of Poe, Dickens, and Conan Doyle. Poe for his use of the obscure. Dickens for the way his words paint images in the mind. Conan Doyle for his intellectual approach to telling a story. I mostly draw my inspiration from the sounds and shadows of the night and process them through the splintered windmill of my mind to create my tales. While I have written contemporary tales, I mostly enjoy writing tales in an old school manner.

Maynard, what is your writing process?    

I like to sit in my comfy camo recliner with the TV turned to a classic black and white film as a distraction when an idea gets clogged in the drain. 

Is there a genre, other than the one you currently write in, that you wish you could break into?       

I’d like to dabble in murder mysteries. I’ve had people suggest I branch out into serious writing but that doesn’t sound like much fun.

I have a few ideas for some cozy mysteries myself! What are the 5 books that have influenced you the most, and why?

Dickens’ Christmas short stories, and the Sherlock Holmes short stories probably influenced me more than any other books. Have there been more dynamic characters than Scrooge and Sherlock? To a lesser degree, The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, and Animal Farm and1984 by Orwell gave me a slight cynical view of society and where it’s going.

Great choices! If you could cast one of your works, who would you choose to play your main characters? 

Can I resurrect the dead to do the casting? I’m a big fan of the classics and don’t believe any actors of today compare to those of the golden age of Hollywood. Since I can’t raise the dead at this time, let’s just use the cast of Tombstone to play characters in my book.

What is the first thing you would do if you woke up one morning to find one of your books on the NY Times Bestsellers List?

Seriously, is this even a remote possibility? I’d be so excited, I’d probably rush out to the barn and tell my horses all about it while they ate their feed. Dixie Belle is my baby and she thinks I can do anything. Katie probably wouldn’t care for me interrupting her feeding. Cheyenne would probably make me show her proof. She’s such a cynic.

It never hurts to dream big Maynard 😉 Do you have any vices that you turn to while you are writing?    

Sometimes, I have a drink or two or more. Sometimes, I deprive myself of sleep to get a bit of weirdness in my stories. I always take a pinch of Copenhagen. 

What do you do when you’re not writing?      

I live on a small ranch with livestock. If I’m not mending fences, fixing barns, or tending to critters, I’m brushhogging, tilling, or clearing land.

Please share with us the first nine lines of your current work-in-progress.

The Lothian Journals   

‘Til Undeath Do Us Part     

I strolled into the office casually, trying not to appear conspicuous.  It somehow seemed odd for one such as myself to be seeking psychiatric treatment.  I had never heard of anyone of my ilk that had done it, but then I had only met one other of my kind and she was not exactly someone in whom I would wish to confide.  In all honesty, I hoped our paths never crossed again.  

Perhaps I was the first vampire to take this particular course of action.  Maybe I was the first vampire having so many issues adjusting to this new way of life. The fact remained.  I needed someone who could advise me on how to cope with existence as a creature of the night. My dilemma: would she believe my situation or merely write me off as just another of her delusional patients?  No matter how I dissected my bold yet desperate move, it seemed to be fraught with dangers.

Thank you Maynard! Now let’s take a closer look at Eerie Trails of the Wild Weird West


Eerie Trailsof the Wild Weird West

In this collection of fourteen strange tales from the wild west, Cowboys and Indians face down supernatural beings of all varieties – from vampires and werewolves; to ghosts and vengeful spirits; to mythological creatures.

Saddle up cowboys and ladies alike, once the journey begins, Eerie Trails of the Wild Weird West will take you down a strange and bizarre path though the old west that you’ve never been on before.

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maynard1About the Author — Maynard Blackoak is a freelance writer living in the backwoods of Pawnee County, Oklahoma. He draws upon the sights of neglect and unusual sounds around him for inspiration. A bit of a recluse, he can often be found strolling through an old, forgotten cemetery or in the woods among the twisted black oaks and native elms under the light of the moon.

Twitter: @maynardblackoak

Facebook: Maynard Blackoak