SPOTLIGHT: Nora & Kettle by Lauren Nicolle Taylor

3d Nora and KettleTitle:    Nora & Kettle

Series:  A Paper Stars Novel

Author:   Lauren Nicolle Taylor

Published:  February 29th (ebook), March 15th (print)  

Publisher:  Clean Teen Publishing

Genre:  YA Historical

Recommended Age:  13+


“What if Peter Pan was a homeless kid just trying to survive, and Wendy flew away for a really good reason?”

Seventeen-year-old Kettle has had his share of adversity. As an orphaned Japanese American struggling to make a life in the aftermath of an event in history not often referred to the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II and the removal of children from orphanages for having “one drop of Japanese blood in them” things are finally looking up. He has his hideout in an abandoned subway tunnel, a job, and his gang of Lost Boys.

Desperate to run away, the world outside her oppressive brownstone calls to naive, eighteen-year-old Nora the privileged daughter of a controlling and violent civil rights lawyer who is building a compensation case for the interned Japanese Americans. But she is trapped, enduring abuse to protect her younger sister Frankie and wishing on the stars every night for things to change.

For months, they’ve lived side by side, their paths crossing yet never meeting. But when Nora is nearly killed and her sister taken away, their worlds collide as Kettle, grief stricken at the loss of a friend, angrily pulls Nora from her window.

In her honeyed eyes, Kettle sees sadness and suffering. In his, Nora sees the chance to take to the window and fly away.

Set in 1953, Nora & Kettle explores the collision of two teenagers facing extraordinary hardship. Their meeting is inevitable, devastating, and ultimately healing. Their stories, “a collection of events, are each on their own harmless. But together, one after the other, they change the world.”

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About the Author:

Lauren Nicolle TaylorLauren Nicolle Taylor lives in the lush Adelaide Hills. The daughter of a Malaysian nuclear physicist and an Australian scientist, she was expected to follow a science career path, attending Adelaide University and completing a Health Science degree with Honours in obstetrics and gynecology.

She then worked in health research for a short time before having her first child. Due to their extensive health issues, Lauren spent her twenties as a full-time mother/carer to her three children. When her family life settled down, she turned to writing.

Author of the best selling Woodlands Series, she is also a 2014 Kindle Book Awards Semi-finalist and a USA Best Book Awards Finalist.

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BOOK BLAST: Pema’s Storm by Brenda Trim and Tami Julka

Pemas-StormTitle: Pema’s Storm

Series: Rowan Sisters’ Trilogy #1

Authors: Brenda Trim and Tami Julka

Published: April 17th, 2015

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Content Warning: Sexual content

Recommended Age: 18+

Synopsis: Pema Rowan is the first born of the mysterious and powerful triplets whom prophesy has declared would unite in power and change the face of the Tehrex Realm forever, yet Pema and her sisters have eschewed their role in the world of magic in order to run their business. Pema’s life is turned upside-down when the blessings of Fated Mates returns to the realm. It is further complicated when a mysterious and gorgeous ursine shifter, Ronan, enters her life. Pema doesn’t want to be attracted to Ronan, especially since he once belonged to her archenemy. Pema faces danger left and right as she struggles with what her body wants and her mind refuses. As the High Priestess, Cele, seeks to garner the power of the triplets, Pema must choose between the safety of those she loves, or giving into her darkest desires.

Ronan Blackwell has come to Seattle with the female who has helped him find peace and solace after centuries of living with grief and isolation. When she ends their relationship, he is determined to win her back, only to have everything he has ever believed in challenged by the sexy little witch, Pema. As his emotions force him to choose between the only love he has ever known, and a passion that promises to tear him apart, he discovers that not everything is as it seems. Will the animal inside him win and show Pema the true meaning of life on the wild side, or will he be torn apart by the mysterious forces set against them?

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Brenda-Trim-and-Tami-JulkaAbout the Authors – Neither Brenda nor Tami grew up writing stories or dreaming of one day being authors but that changed when they shared a joint dream of creating a world to bring to life the stories of a group of dangerously handsome supernaturals.

Brenda is a Southern California girl who grew up in chaos, having ten siblings.  Her mother is a brave, courageous woman who gave birth to a small village of children and has successfully battled advanced stage breast cancer for almost two years.  Her parents did something right and taught Brenda how to persevere and accomplish whatever she set her mind to.  Whether that was completing her bachelors and Masters degrees, or writing books, she is always up for a challenge.

Brenda survived the brutal murder of her first husband, John DeCaprio, at the hands of the children he was counseling to go on and help children in similar situations.  Brenda remarried years later and now lives with her husband and their three fun-loving, energetic children.  She loves running, reading, cooking, and Monster Energy drinks.  And, Tami’s margaritas!

Tami is a southern girl, born and raised in Georgia. She is married and has two boys, so needless to say, she is surrounded by testosterone. We are trying to bottle Tami’s strength and positive outlook on life.  It has helped her beat breast cancer and she is a proud three-year survivor. She loves reading paranormal romances, running at the lake near her home, watching college football (Go Dawgs!!!), and is always in search of the next best margarita.

Their life journeys led them both to Texas and one another.  They fast became best friends and can always be found together.  Whether it’s lounging by the pool or writing steamy love scenes, they are frequently seen pissing themselves from laughter.  It’s embarrassing, really.  But that’s ok, life is good!

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Excerpt from Pema’s Storm by Brenda Trim and Tami Julka

Pema nodded her agreement as she ran the duster over the shelf and candles. “That’s the problem with prophecies. They are vague, confusing—” She stopped talking when the tinkling of the wind chimes above the front door signaled they had a customer.

A cool breeze blew through the room, chilling the air. She twisted around to see the most stunning male walk through the door. He was easily six feet tall and had thick, brown hair that fell in soft curls around his ruggedly handsome face. He had a strong, square jaw that she immediately imagined running her tongue over. His warm, brown eyes invited her to share her secrets, and suddenly it wasn’t so chilly anymore.

Her gaze traveled over him and she noticed that his jeans were tight in all the right places, and she could easily make out his firmly muscled legs. He took her breath away and she desperately wanted him.

Her sex tightened with need, and arousal flooded her panties as she was overcome with an uncontrollable lust for this stranger and couldn’t focus on anything but getting him into the office for a quick tryst. She became light-headed when a feathering sensation in her chest set her heart racing. She wondered what was wrong with her. She was no blushing virgin, but she had never responded like this when looking at a male.

Reaching up to wipe the sweat from her brow, she lost her hold on the ladder. As she felt air rush past her, she never once thought to utter a spell. She blamed it on the fact that her brain malfunctioned from hormone overload. Rather than landing in an ungainly heap on the floor, she was caught by big, strong arms and an electrical current raced across her skin the moment they touched. She wanted to climb to the top of the ladder to have this male catch her again. Then again, that would mean him putting her down and she had no desire for that to happen.

“Are you okay?” His voice was gruff, and she loved it. The sound sent liquid heat spreading from her abdomen to her core and had her melting into his body.

As much as she didn’t want to, she needed to put space between them or she was going to lose control. She pushed against his broad shoulders for him to let her go. She didn’t fight it too hard when he refused to release her. “I’m okay. Nice catch, by the way. I’m not usually caught off-guard like that.”

She should tell him to let her go. Her lips parted to say the words, but they were trapped in her throat. She breathed in his earthy, pine scent and a new flood of heat traveled through her. She needed to gather her senses, and added more force to her shove until he finally set her down. Her body slid down the hard length of him and she took a couple steps back before acting on impulse to rub against him like a cat in heat.

“I didn’t mean to startle you. Are you one of the Rowan sisters?” he asked, holding out his hand. Did he crave contact with her as much as she did him? It seemed like an eternity to Pema since he had touched her, and she would die if he didn’t touch her again. Okaaay, she was losing her mind and she needed to stop this behavior.

Her brain and hormones weren’t on speaking terms, and she eagerly grabbed his hand and held it tightly. “Yes, I’m Pema and this is my sister, Suvi,” she nodded her head in the direction of her sister, keeping hold of his hand. “And you are?”

“My name is Ronan Blackwell,” the hunk said, keeping intense gaze into her eyes.

“How can we help you, Ronan?” Suvi asked, awakening Pema from her daydreams of ravishing his body. Realizing how odd it must seem to be holding onto his hand, she pulled from his firm grip and immediately felt a loss. She turned around to face the counter, needing to break eye contact with him.


7 Questions with Cas Peace #BlogTour #TheChallenge

Today on the FlipSide, I’ve got an interview with Cas Peace, author of The Challenge. For those of you unacquainted with Cas, let’s take a moment to get to know her a little bit…

Cas PeaceCas Peace was born in Hampshire UK, in 1957, and has lived there most of her life. Her first career was as a horse-riding instructor, and horses remain very close to her heart. She then spent 13 years working for the British Civil Service before leaving the UK to live in Italy for three years, 1991-1994. She speaks passable but by no means perfect Italian, and loves to return to Italy whenever she can.

Cas’s other great loves are anything to do with animals, especially dogs and horses, (she supports many animal charities) and also singing.

Cas loves folk songs and along with her husband, who plays guitar, has performed in many a Southern England folk club. Sometimes they even asked her back! She writes folk songs to accompany her fantasy novels, and offers them as free downloads from her website.

Linked In | Facebook | YouTube | Blogger |Twitter |Website

Welcome Cas! Now let’s delve into the questions… Using ten words or less, tell me about your work.

The glory, the pitfalls, and the dangers of power.

What song would you want to play during the opening credits of your book were it made into a movie? Why?

Originally I’d have said “Light from the East” by Ah*Nee*Mah, as this music almost perfectly captures the spirit and nature of my female main character. But I intend to write an overall theme for the series myself, so I’d love to be able to use that!

Who would you want to direct the story of your life? Is there anyone specific you’d like to play you?

I don’t know very much about movie directors but because Peter Jackson did such a fabulous job on Lord of the Rings, I’d have to choose him. And it would be no good asking me to choose an actress to play me, because I’d choose someone tall, capable, beautiful and confident – not like me at all!

What is your writing process? Are you a planner or a pantser? Do you prefer to hand write your works or type them directly into your word processor?

I never intended to become a writer, and certainly not an author, so I didn’t have a clue about the “rules” of writing when I started. And even though I’ve written nine fantasy novels, a non-fiction book, and various short stories, I still wouldn’t know how to plan a novel. So I’m definitely a pantster. I love scribbling out an idea and allowing it to take me over. I enjoy dropping my characters into impossible situations and watching them scramble out of them. Or not. I’m totally driven by my characters – they do what they want! As for the actual act of writing, I didn’t have a word processor when I began, so all nine of my fantasy books were hand written. I still have the scrappy papers with all the crossings out and added passages – what a nightmare! Now, I tend to type what I write. Much easier to cut and paste, or delete unwanted drivel.

What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself: something you wish you knew then that you know now?

I’d tell me to have more confidence. When I was very young I was quite bold, but somehow that vanished the older I became. I wasn’t bullied at school but I did have several teachers who managed to squash my early confidence, and this made me doubt myself more and more. I find it’s easier now, and having people read and enjoy the books I’ve published has helped the process along. I just wish I’d had the confidence to stand up to those early teachers and make them realize the damage they were doing.

What are the three books that really inspired you to become a writer?

This is tricky because as I said, I never really intended to become a writer. It all happened by accident. But when I did begin to write, I suppose I was influenced by Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series, Stephen Donaldson’s Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, and C S Lewis’ Narnia series.

Now it’s time for the Rapid. Fire. Questions.

  • Coffee or tea? Coffee.
  • Cats or dogs? Dogs (although I love all animals).
  • Snow or sun? Snow – we don’t get much good snow in southern England.
  • Print books or eReader? Print, although I do use a Kindle, too.
  • Nachos or potato chips? Potato chips – what are nachos?
  • Baked or fried? Baked.
  • Candy or chocolate? Chocolate!!
  • Comedy, Romance, or Horror? Comedy. There’s too much horror in the “real” world.
  • Action, Science Fiction, or Animated? Science fiction.
  • Classics or Modern? Got to be both.
  • Old World or New World? There’s beauty everywhere.
  • Sweet or spicy? Sweet
  • Comfort or Speed? I do love a bit of speed!

Thank you Cas! Now let’s take a look at The Challenge… Don’t forget that clicking on the cover will take you straight to Amazon!

TheChallengeFriend against friend, lover against lover, ally against ally. Conflict is coming …

Nine months have passed since Brynne Sullyan helped forge an alliance between the realms of Albia and Andaryon. A fragile peace reigns as both sides recover from the events of the previous year. Then mysterious raiders strike Andaryon villages. Attempts are made on the life of Albia’s High King. As Sullyan scrambles to find those responsible, unseen enemies threaten to pull apart everything she has worked for, including her marriage.

The alliance begins to crumble, and Sullyan finds herself caught between two monarchs: the king she’s sworn allegiance to, and the man she loves as a father. To betray either one would break her heart, but if conflict is inevitable, she must make a choice …


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A Monday for Anything: Guest Post with Dana Leipold #BlogTour #BurntEdges


Today on the FlipSide, I have the pleasure of presenting a guest post from Dana Leipold, author of Burnt Edges. If you haven’t been acquainted with Dana yet, let’s take a moment to get to know her…

Dana-LeipoldDana Leipold is a freelance writer, author, and member of the Association of Independent Authors and Creativity Coaching Association. She has self-published two books: a collection of limericks in Dr. Seuss-style for adults entitled, Stupid Poetry: The Ultimate Collection of Sublime and Ridiculous Poems, and a non-fiction book entitled, The Power of Writing Well: Write Well. Change the World, to help writers get their message heard, create stories that connect, and leverage the power of writing well. In addition, she coaches other writers on story structure, messaging, and writing skills so they can achieve their dreams to become published authors. Leipold lives with her husband and two children in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Amazon Author Page | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads | Website

After hearing the book was based on true life experiences, there was a part of me that wanted to know what aspects of the story were actually true. This is what Dana shared with me…

Actually, the whole novel is based on real events. An important person in my life went through some of these terrible experiences and incredibly, came out a stronger person.

There are a couple of scenes in the book where the main character, Laurel, is molested by her father. I tried to write these as they actually happened, without getting too explicit. The thing that was interesting was how her father would react after the abuse…his guilt and shame would overcome him and he’d turn around and do something nice for his daughter. He would never acknowledge what happened however.

Of course, the father suffered abuse himself. Again his character is based on someone real and this man saw terrible violence in his home and when he went into the army. His only way to deal with all that violence was to drink and then abuse his own children.

What I really wanted to show in this story was the pattern of abuse that gets carried on within families without much thought. It just becomes the way life is lived but what happens when someone becomes aware of that pattern? That’s what the novel is all about.

Thank you Dana! Now let’s take a closer look at Burnt Edges.

Burnt-EdgesAbuse or an uncertain future. This is Laurel Lee Page’s choice when she is faced with an unplanned pregnancy at 18. Born into a broken family, all she has ever known is guilt and shame. No matter what she does or who she meets, Laurel appears to be living a condemned life but she is determined to find independence and freedom in spite of her family’s legacy of hatred and self-contempt. Can Laurel see that she is in a powerful position, poised to break the cycle of abuse? Set in Southern California during the tumultuous 1960s era, Burnt Edges is based on true events and proves that strength can be found even in the most horrific situations.

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A Monday for Anything: Guest Post with Belinda Frisch #BlogTour #TheMissingYear


Today on the FlipSide, I have the pleasure of presenting a guest post from the fabulous Belinda Frisch. For those of you unacquainted with Belinda, let’s take a moment to get to know her a little better…

Belinda-FrischAfter fifteen years of working in healthcare, Belinda Frisch’s stories can’t help being medicine influenced. A writer of dark tales in the horror, mystery, and thriller genres, Belinda tells the stories she’d like to read. Her fiction has appeared in Shroud Magazine, Dabblestone Horror, and Tales of the Zombie War. She is the author of Cure, Afterbirth, Fatal Reaction, Better Left Buried, and The Missing Year. She resides in upstate New York with her husband and a small menagerie of beloved animals.

*Runner-up Halloween Book Festival 2012 and optioned for film, Cure

*Honorable Mention New York Book Festival 2014, Better Left Buried

*Amazon Top 100 Medical Thriller, Fatal Reaction

Amazon Author Page | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads | Blog

And without further ado, I’ll turn it over to Belinda…

The Similarities between the Genres

What happens when you let a horror writer dabble in the romance genre? The Missing Year, which isn’t as far away from home as you’d think for this would-be death dealer. I’ve been asked to write a little bit about the similar elements in the horror and romance genres.

Stakes: Whether the joining of a couple in a traditional romance, or someone risking their life to save another’s, both scenarios come with some kind of threat of failure. There has to be something at stake in order for there to be conflict.

Obstacles: What’s keeping the couple apart? What’s keeping the couple alive? Obstacles are universal. In romance versus horror, it’s the end result that makes the difference.

Resolution: Motivations revealed, obstacles overcome, there has to be some kind of resolution. In romance, it’s more often happy.

Love and romance are often at the heart of good horror story. Crazy, right? Romance humanizes characters, drives them to do things they wouldn’t normally do, and sometimes makes them act rashly. It also gives meaning to their deaths. Horror should still make the reader feel something.

In my Strandville novels, Zach Keller, my Nixon Center guard, has allied himself with Dr. Howard Nixon, the devil incarnate, in exchange for medical treatment meant to save his wife’s life. Scott faces certain death for Miranda, despite their tenuous relationship. In Better Left Buried the love between Adam and Harmony is what gives value to her otherwise troubled life. His feelings for her increase the stakes for the reader. Someone will notice if this girl doesn’t survive.

In The Missing Year, horror dresses as misfortune—as death come too early and the inescapable fate of terminal illness—as loss explored as one’s single greatest fear. While there is no gore, there is finality and an inescapable tragic consequence. There’s nothing more terrible than that.

Thank you Belinda! Now let’s take a look at The Missing Year… Don’t forget that clicking on the cover will take you Amazon!

The-Missing-YearThirty-four-year-old Blake Wheeler was everything Lila had ever wanted. A rising-star surgeon with his whole life ahead of him, Blake gave Lila ten perfect years of marriage before plunging her into the hardest year of their lives.

When a late night shooting leaves Blake in a coma, Lila is faced with a difficult decision: continue life support or let him go.

One year later, Lila remains unwilling to speak, in a private mental health facility where she refuses to move on.

Dr. Ross Reeves knows firsthand about loss, having spent the better part of five years burying himself in his work. Tasked with the challenge of breaking Lila’s silence, Ross investigates Lila’s past and her husband’s death, finding more to Blake’s murder than meets the eye. A series of mysterious coincidences has Ross wondering if Lila is acting out of grief … or guilt.

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#Coffinhop2014: Favourite Halloween Memory

On the last day of the Coffin Hop, it felt only fitting to ask a question about Halloween… So here are some of our favourite memories growing up! Hope you’ve enjoyed the interviews and make sure you enter the giveaway!!

I’d like to thank all of the authors who took the time to answer my strange questions—you’ve made #CoffinHop2014 a wonderful success on The FlipSide this year!

Julianne Snow

It was a MuchMusic Dance Party in Grade 11 and I went as an M&M—a red one. I ended up winning an awesome prize pack that included about 100 CDs and a trip to the MuchMusic Studios. At the time, it was awesome!

Brent Abell

Wow, I guess most of my memories about Halloween are happy ones. Dressing up and running down the block getting candy with my brother and sister was always the highlight.  We used it as bonding time when we dumped the bags out and traded candy.  I look back at those times and I’m glad I had them.  If I don’t see my siblings very often, I know we’ll always have the Great Candy Swaps from our childhood to remember.

Linda LaForge

I made myself a robot costume using boxes. I big paper machéd a balloon for my helmet. It was silver with painted controls all over it. This little old lady (little, even by my standards) asked us in to her home, where we had to walk around her coffee table to pick candy from pretty little bowls. I am not so sure her living room was the same after I left. I know I heard the sound of glass tinkling and smashing in the room. Every time I turned to see what I did it seemed to get worse. She didn’t kick me out and I left with lots of loot!

James Garcia Jr.

I’m a bit of a disappointment here, I’m afraid. We weren’t really raised with Halloween. My mother isn’t a fan. There was some dressing up and certainly our share of candy, but that was about all. The only thing I really recall is working nights, but having a boss that allowed me to take a long lunch in order to take my two boys out for trick or treating.

Alexander Ward

When I was a child, my eldest sister dressed up like a witch for Halloween. She had these long, gnarled rubber hands, a red gown of some kind, and a horrible witch mask with this wild, black hair. I was only 3 or 4 years old at the time but I have a very clear memory of waking in the night to see that witch standing in my bathroom. (My red bathroom in my red bedroom with red doors and red trim, which is plenty unsettling on its own.) It was established that my sister was not to blame. I’m sure it was just my imagination. Right? Anyway, I was utterly terrified at bedtime for years afterward. Good times!

A.F. Stewart

I have a lot of them, but my favourite would probably be the year I dressed up as Darth Vader (the year the first movie came out, so this was before working toy lightsabers, and cool ready-made Star Wars costumes). My sister helped me put together a black outfit and cape (cold-weather proof) with a operational belt that lit up, a homemade helmet (the mask was store bought), and a functioning lightsaber made from a flashlight and flexible plastic sheeting. It was so cool.

Anne Michaud

I was really young, maybe 5 or 6, and one of our neighbors went all out and transformed their whole home into a haunted house: each room was filled with spooks and they gave out handfuls of candy at the end of the visit. My mom and sister remained behind on the first floor when I got lost on the second floor and entered a bedroom. A shadow stood by the bed, dark on darker, and fear grew so intensely at the pit of my stomach, I screamed and ran out of the room. To this day, I’m not sure if it was someone in a costume or if it was something else…

Doug Rinaldi

This is probably gonna be PG-13, but in high school we used to fill up condoms with white soft soap and throw them at people’s doors and front porches.  We were horrible children.

Richard Shiver

As a kid growing up right outside DC. It was the mid sixties, and relatively safe for a bunch of us to get together and trick or treat in the neighborhood without our parents tagging along.

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#CoffinHop2014: The Three Book Inspiration

So tell us: what are the three books that really inspired you to become a writer?

Julianne Snow

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark – Alvin Schwartz

A Wrinkle in Time – Madeleine L’Engle

Coma – Robin Cook

Brent Abell

Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot

H.P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness

Brian Keene’s Ghoul

Linda LaForge

Chrysalids by John Wyndham

Contact with Jodie Foster (still haven’t read the book!)

On Writing by Stephen King

James Garcia Jr.

The Amityville Horror caught my attention as a teen. Try reading that at night when you are the only one awake! I then met Michael Slade and his tour de force Headhunter showed me how good dark fiction could be. I then was coerced into reading Beach Music by the great Pat Conroy – which is far from being horror fiction. It just happens to be brilliant and near-perfect writing. That book taught me what a masterful writer could do to spin a tale. If I could write half as well as he does, I will go to my grave a happy man.

Alexander Ward

Great Untold Stories of Fantasy and Horror edited by Norton & Moskowitz. Tales of Mystery & Imagination by Edgar Allan Poe. Skeleton Crew by Stephen King.

A.F. Stewart

It’s more like two books and a short story for me. These three pieces of fiction, Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls, Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay (the two books) and All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury (the short story), showed me the emotional depths writing can achieve and what a powerful effect that can have on a reader. I think that lesson more than anything inspired me and shaped my writing.

Anne Michaud

L’Écume des jours, Boris Vian; Edgar Allan Poe’s complete poems collection; Vampire Lestat, Anne Rice.

Doug Rinaldi

Dean Koontz’s Phantoms, Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend, The Shadow Over Innsmouth by H.P. Lovecraft

Richard Shiver

That’s a tough one, I believe everything I’ve read has in one way or another inspired me to write. There was no one, two, or three books that pushed me to take up the pen. It was a gradual process that developed over time.

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Now let’s talk about this giveaway!

There are 9 authors featured during the Coffin Hop and they’ve agreed to provide digital copies of their works to random winners as determined by Rafflecopter!

So what could you win?

  • 9 winners will receive 1 of the titles featured in a digital format by random draw (each winner will receive a different title – some authors may throw in other titles as well if they’re feeling generous!) NOTE: Authors are responsible for sending out the prizes and will be given your email address.
  • 1 winner will receive a Print version of Glimpses of the Undead by Julianne Snow



#CoffinHop2014: The Horror Industry

Horror is here to stay—whether or not you like it! But then if you’re here, you probably like it. But I had to ask: if you could change one thing about the horror industry, what would it be?

Julianne Snow

I think I’d change the perception of it in the mainstream aspects of the entertainment industry. Let’s stop being on the fringes, and revel in the fact that many people like to be scared, despite the fact they don’t want to admit it.

Brent Abell

I would change the idea that horror films have to be driven by ‘jump-scares’ to make an audinece scared.  Make the kids in the seats scared by building mood, setting, and the characters believable.  In most movies the only scary parts are when a cat jumps out from behind a door and the characters are so transparent that you know who lives and who dies within the first five minutes of the film.

Linda LaForge

I like a story that has surprises in it. Too much of what’s out there is too predictable. Gratuitous gore that doesn’t help the theme or the scene of the film or book is annoying.

James Garcia Jr.

I realize there’s a market for everything under the sun; however, I think the splatter-porn folks really do a disservice to the serious horror writers and film-makers; the folks who want to take you on a memorable roller-coaster of a ride that gets you really thinking when it’s over. I’d truthfully like to remove all of the low budget dross that clutters the horror landscape.

Alexander Ward

In-fighting and sniping between content creators bothers me. We’re already working within a genre that is marginalized in some ways. It seems counterproductive. I say build people up rather than tear them down. (Editor’s Note: WORD!)

A.F. Stewart

I think I would change the perception that horror is somehow a “lesser” genre, and it’s all gore and blood spatter.

Anne Michaud

I don’t know if I’d change anything, I quite like how underground and secretive the industry feels. Almost like the world horror authors write about: something hidden that only a few truly know about.

Doug Rinaldi

The horror industry, especially in publishing is really starting to go the way of Hollywood with their money hungry shenanigans.  As I said, horror is a lifestyle choice, but when you try to make it popular all for the sake of the dollar, it loses its charm and honesty and all you get is water downed, cookie-cutter product.  I understand trends, but there is so much quality stuff out there that people need to be exposed to if they’d just get off the band wagon.

Richard Shiver

Honestly I don’t pay too much attention to the industry to offer any advice, I’m too busy writing and working.

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#CoffinHop2014: The Definition of Horror

This one will either prove that horror is similar, or that we all have something different that speaks to us about the genre.

What does the word ‘horror’ mean to you?

Julianne Snow

It’s a darkness that lives in the world using its power to scare, and to titillate.

Brent Abell

Horror to me is the darkness that resides in the things we do and see each day of our lives.  The old man who gave you the crooked smile on the train?  He killed his wife last night by placing a pillow over her sleeping face.  The broken chair you glimpsed in the dumpster of your apartment complex?  It was used to beat a man to death in a drug deal gone wrong.  We never know when something bad will strike and never knowing when that something is going to happen is what horror is about to me.  I want to make the usual seem dark and foreboding.  I want to take the common person and make the world around them take an evil twist.  Once the world goes wrong around them, we watch how regular people react in horrible situations.  From this, we see our own fears and how we would face them.

Linda LaForge

Fun. Often funny. I tend to like the surreal horror, rather than the very realistic scenarios. My favourites are still the old classics, like Hitchcock.

James Garcia Jr.

Great question. I can do without the gratuitous gore and shock for shock’s sake. What I love are the dark and disturbing moments. The Silence of the Lambs is a great horror film. The Amityville Horror is a great horror book – whether true or a hoax. The Exorcist stays with me for two days after I watch it. Films like The Omen, Sinister, The Woman in Black. John Carpenter’s The Thing has some gore in it, but it’s necessary. I’m not interested in madmen armed with chainsaws or low budget shockers. Horror should attack all of your senses and pull you along; not just lazily shock your eyes.

Alexander Ward

For me, horror as a genre is about reflecting the darker parts of our world, our humanity. Exploring it in the safe environment of make-believe and doing it in such a way that it’s fun and thrilling, sometimes even challenging. As an emotion, I think of horror as a deep feeling of dread and solemn ache in the face of some terrible act or occurrence.

A.F. Stewart

To me, horror means hiding under the covers, hoping I don’t get nightmares. Seriously, though, it’s a visceral adrenaline rush and vicarious thrills delivered through an exploration of the darker side of human nature.

Anne Michaud

To me, horror means a situation, a person, a place or a story that truly terrifies someone, because of the feelings and emotions it explore – and mostly what scares someone might not be the same for everyone.

Doug Rinaldi

Why does even the word horror get a bad rap outside of the genre and its fans?  It’s a shame really.  To me, horror is a lifestyle, a choice, a label for anything that makes people uncomfortable, yet excitable.  Horror doesn’t necessarily mean gross-outs and jump-scares.  Those things are just some of the by-products of horror.  Horror, real horror, is meant to titillate and illicit a genuine response to one’s surroundings.  When done right, horror wants you to feel terror and fear, experience uncertainty mixed with a childlike curiosity.  It makes the things that stand out on the fringes of what’s acceptable grab you and challenge you to question the darker side of human nature and your cherished beliefs.  That’s what horror means to me.

Richard Shiver

The anticipation of the act, the not knowing what is going to happen as the scene slowly unfolds and the suspense builds.

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There are 9 authors featured during the Coffin Hop and they’ve agreed to provide digital copies of their works to random winners as determined by Rafflecopter!

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  • 9 winners will receive 1 of the titles featured in a digital format by random draw (each winner will receive a different title – some authors may throw in other titles as well if they’re feeling generous!) NOTE: Authors are responsible for sending out the prizes and will be given your email address.
  • 1 winner will receive a Print version of Glimpses of the Undead by Julianne Snow



#CoffinHop2014: The Books!

The Books!

Yes it’s time for you to finally learn the actual titles of the books you could win by entering!

Glimpses of the Undead by Julianne Snow

Glimpses_FrontCoverFrom the mind of Julianne Snow comes an undead collection of stories that feature the gamut of emotions and situations. Presented in flash fiction and short stories, the tales are sure to leave you wanting more and checking over your shoulder.

How would a group of children handle an uprising of the undead? What would you do to save a loved one only to find out that you’re facing a different threat altogether? How would a country react to a timely warning at the end of a war? What happens when a vampiric Romeo hits on an unsuspecting human? In a world where the undead are common place and protected, what happens when speed dating produces a love match?

Wicked Tales for Wicked People by Brent Abell

WTWP_FrontCover_FinalThe moon hangs full and bright in the night sky above. Below, the people scurry in their own worlds ignoring the shadows around them. Something lurks in those shadows, a wickedness hiding in each person’s heart. What are their stories? How deep does the wickedness go in those walking around in the day and the night? Collected here are 18 wicked tales that examine how wicked people truly are and how when confronted by our darkest fears, we find our greatest hope.

This volume brings Brent Abell’s dark fiction together for the first time into one tome. What will you find when you look into your heart? Beware and lock your doors, the wicked ones are coming for you…

Ashes by Linda LaForge

Ashes-cover-1200Emily Baker wakes in the hospital after miraculously surviving a bizarre car accident to discover she’s lost everything, including the love of her life. She meets Dr. Norrell, an odd scientist with personal hygiene issues and severe social impairment, who shows a strange interest in her. While facing the stresses of recuperation and financial burden, she discovers she’s pregnant and the sinister being is growing way too quickly. The only thing she is certain of – the doctor is connected. His story calls into question her spiritual and religious beliefs while her strangely vivid dreams all warn her of the dangerous and untouchable Dr. Norrell.

Seeing Ghosts by James Garcia Jr.

Seeing Ghosts, FINAL, RGB, Front Cover, 6 x 9Paul Herrera finds himself bequeathed a mysterious old house near the California central coast by a deceased aunt he never knew. The woman who shows it to him is the spitting image of his wife, taken from him three years before in a senseless car accident which also took his unborn son. While he deals with the ghosts of a past he cannot let go, there are new ghosts Paul must deal with – alone for the week in the expansive two-story house that he will soon discover holds many secrets. Eventually, he will see that he is surrounded by ghosts as he struggles to hold onto the only thing that he has left in this world – his sanity.

Killers and Demons II: They Return by A.F. Stewart

K&DII MedEvil is back, with a greater appetite for death.



They lurk forever in the shadows, smile at you in the morning, and haunt your dreams at night. You can’t hide, you can’t run, and there’s no escape. You can only scream when they come for you.

Killers and Demons II: They Return is a collection of thirteen tales, blending short stories and flash fiction, tales where the blood lingers on your tongue or spurts quickly from the swift cut.

The Villainous Roster:

Wade, every parent’s nightmare

Hannah and Mr. Greeley. Who is the victim and who is the villain?

Simon and Zoe, a married couple who are dying to be single again.

Norman and his “cookie” of a wife, Mabel.

Millicent and Jane, a delightful duo you shouldn’t invite to your Regency tea party

Amanda, who literally has a skeleton in her closet

Balthazar, the demon bounty hunter on the hunt once more.

Sarah, a young woman going through some changes and craving new tastes

Emmeline, burned as a witch, now back from the dead for revenge

Gabrielle, a woman haunted by shadows

The Dollmaker, she showers death, and an umbrella won’t help

Nightmare Demons, bent on driving a town insane

And then there’s Alice, a little girl locked in the basement by her Daddy…

Together they form a spine-chilling cadre of predators.

Hunter’s Trap by Anne Michaud

Hunter's trap-FINAL FRONT“Ghosts don’t believe in you, either.”

Seventeen-year-old Dayton Mulligan is stuck looking after his little brother Jeremy when their father goes off on his annual hunting trip. But when Dad’s last phone call ends in a shotgun blast, it’s enough to send both boys out into a blizzard to search for him.

Caught in the killer weather, Dayton and Jeremy take refuge in an abandoned hunting cabin, which isn’t as empty as it first seems. A ghost inhabits its walls and promises to reveal the truth behind their father’s disappearance, but the brothers doubt their host’s sincerity as the spirit demonstrates its hatred for anyone who trespasses on its land.

Far from the safety of civilization, Dayton must swallow his fears, fight for himself and for his family before it’s too late and Hunter’s Trap claims them all, forever.

Purgatory Behind These Eyes by Doug Rinaldi

Front Cover 55x85 - Proof EditInspired by the perversity of human nature and the darkness that dwells within us all, this collection of work by horror author Doug Rinaldi is a reminder that not everything is as it seems. Purgatory Behind These Eyes’ imaginative diversity will pull you tightly into the depths of hopelessness while challenging your vision of reality, making the improbable and impossible become truth.



Parasite: Shadows of the Past – Book 2 by Richard Shiver

parasitecvr7fLife is persistent.

It can survive in the most hostile of environments, emerging in the most unlikely places, upsetting that delicate balance between predator and prey. Yet there is only room for one at the top of the food chain.

Mankind stands upon the brink of disaster as an ancient life form emerges from the shadows of the past. Sam Hardin is familiar with this threat, for what should have died in the fire at his cabin didn’t, and after losing his wife and daughter to its vengeance; he shoulders the role of executioner as he sets out to eradicate this menace once and for all.

Shadows Over Main Street edited by Alexander Ward (and Doug Murano)

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Now let’s talk about this giveaway!

There are 9 authors featured during the Coffin Hop and they’ve agreed to provide digital copies of their works to random winners as determined by Rafflecopter!

So what could you win?

  • 9 winners will receive 1 of the titles featured in a digital format by random draw (each winner will receive a different title – some authors may throw in other titles as well if they’re feeling generous!) NOTE: Authors are responsible for sending out the prizes and will be given your email address.
  • 1 winner will receive a Print version of Glimpses of the Undead by Julianne Snow