Review: 848 by Robert Ropars

“I’m going to tie you up and get the hell out of here.”

Without spoiling the story entirely for you, here is a brief synopsis of 848 (the fourth story in Robert Ropars’ Dark Bites series). In the winter of 1979, the worst blizzard in history dumps 19″ of snow on the city of Chicago. Marie has flown all the way from France to catch up with a few friends when a cancelled connecting flight causes her to seek shelter in the city. As the city fills with snow, she takes her cab driver up on his offer to find her a place to stay for the coming week. Little did she know that she would end up trapped by a sexual predator in a fight for her life.

“You broke my wrist. I can’t tie shit.”

I picked up this eBook free on Amazon and was excited to delve into it. I have to say that I am definitely not sorry that I did. The story was extremely well written and the development was measured and precise from the beginning to its twisted conclusion. I never encountered a moment while reading where I felt the content not integral to the story.

The characters that Ropars has created are utterly believable. The picture that he painted in Marie is one of a strong female protagonist. As you’re reading, you absolutely feel for her; you feel her trepidation and terror as she realizes her stay in Chicago is not going to go as planned and conversely her sense of relief and vengeance when she turns the tables on her captor. The antagonist whom Ropars leaves somewhat unidentified is terrifyingly creepy from the moment of his first offer to assist Marie. As you’re reading you sense that something bad is going to happen and He is the perfect character to lay all of your suspicions upon; you want Him to be the bad guy, you want to dislike Him. And let me tell you, you will.

The plot while unfortunate is entirely plausible lending itself to the feeling of reality that encompasses it. As you go deeper into the story, it begins to read more like an actual account of an unlucky series of events. If you enjoy horror and stories with women featured as strong main characters, I do believe that you will enjoy this short by Robert Ropars. Pick it up on Amazon.


My rating 4.5 stars out of 5!