FLASH FICTION FRIDAY: Bachelor | #freefiction #flashfiction #pictureprompt



She raised her glass in covenant, wanting him to both notice her but not see her. The emotions swirled through her body—her heart was entwined with who he had become, and what he would make her should she be chosen. But her head still warred with the frailty of her affection—she knew he was bad news and nothing good would come of any relationship between the two of them.

Charisma. It oozed from him, the others consuming it as if it were a drug. The days of waiting, of wanting, of left waning in the wings had begun to take toll. She was tired yes, but still concealed a little fight in her soul. The others could not see it; had not seen it—for their eyes stayed glued to the chiseled chin and raven curls that framed his handsome face.

As the sweet red wine passed over her lips and tongue, her eyes were drawn to one of the others—a brazen whore who left nothing to the imagination. Her hands were on him, touching what wasn’t hers to touch. Anger, as red as the wine flashed across her vision, the hammering of blood in her ears was thunderous.

And then there was silence. His beautiful face held a consuming look. But not one of longing. Panic. Unadulterated horror. As his eyes swept past her face and down her outstretched arm, sound returned.

Screams reverberated off the twinkling crystal stemware. Sobbing was swallowed by the lush upholstery of the set. A strangled choking gurgle wafted from the lips of the whore who had tried to best her, her neck displaying her newest trinket—the round foot of a wine glass.

Copyright © 2017 Julianne Snow

FLASH FICTION FRIDAY: Tears and Lightening | #freefiction #flashfiction #pictureprompt

Tears and Lightening


You know she’s angry when the lightning comes. You may not be sure what you’ve done wrong, but the reverberating sound of her thunder shakes your bones, turning your knees into jelly. Wrath, like you’ve never seen destroys the world around as you quake in your hiding spot, waiting for her to find you.

Because you know she will.

Her tears hit the ground in torrents, washing away edifices and infrastructure, not caring of the destruction or the death. The closer she gets, the louder she becomes, the wail of her wind screams at you, the pitch driving you insane as it scours the surface.

With a crashing rend of triumph, she finds you, her vengeance fully directed at you now. There’s nothing you can do but submit to her will. She lifts you in her embrace, tossing you around like a rag doll, breaking you with no remorse. You fall back to the ground, tossed there like garbage, your last moments filled with the sights, sounds, and smells of her.

Mother Nature can certainly be a bitch.

Copyright © 2017 Julianne Snow

FLASH FICTION FRIDAY: Silent Vigil | #freefiction #flashfiction #pictureprompt

Silent Vigil


The loud crashing reverberated through the trees, bouncing off the granite statues who held silent vigil for those foolhardy enough to enter the deserted cemetery after dark. None of them knew the horror that lived within the rusting iron fences; the terror that could rob one of their lives in mere moments.


“I think it’s still out there,” she whispered against my ear, her cold breath snaking down my neck. I reached up to brush off the chill but discovered I couldn’t shake the feeling of dread that sat like a lump in my throat.

I held my fingers up to my lips, knowing she couldn’t see me in the darkening twilight, but not wanting to make a noise. It was my way of shushing her. It didn’t work,

“Why are they all covering their eyes? It’s so creepy…” Her breathe was damp across my skin, the feeling knotting my stomach even more.

I ushered a quiet “Shhhh” across my lips, but it was at that moment it passed by our poor attempt at a hiding spot. The roar deafened my senses, but I swear there was nothing to hear. I wanted to shout at her to run, knowing full well my legs would cave in upon themselves if I even tried to stand. It was too late.


The statues continued to stand watch in silent stoniness as the petrified souls who dared to invade its home were devoured. Sated for the moment, it turned to skulk back to the only corner they didn’t face, not wanting to feel their hard, unyielding eyes on him, silently judging him for the souls he must take to survive.

Copyright © 2017 Julianne Snow

FLASH FICTION FRIDAY: The Shaft | #freefiction #flashfiction #pictureprompt



Strung up, alone with my madness, I know the ground is far enough away to kill me should I give into the burning pain in my muscles. I should let myself relax into the air around me but I can’t let go despite the assurance I’ve been secured for later rounds.

They call it fun, these rounds of torture I’m made to endure. They’re anything but. At times I feel like the skin is being flayed from my bones. In others, my fingernails are pried a bit further from the tips of my fingers. My tongue has already been cut out and my screams have become guttural moans of pain.

I don’t blame them. I put myself in this position. Acting like what I was doing was normal, moral, and even sanctioned by a God none of us could see nor chose to believe in. How could we believe? Growing up, we’d all seen more pain, inflicted even more carnage on those around us. The many who fell through the cracks of society running rampant with a kill-before-being-killed mentality.

It’s a miracle I’d survived until now. Most would have died before my tender age of seventeen, succumbing to the streets filled with those up to no good.

And I had been one of them. One of the worst. Not afraid to slit the throat of my best friend for a dollar. Never loyal enough not to rat out my own mother for the chance to spare my own life until the next time something came calling in the night.

It led me to this moment in this shaft knowing my time had thankfully come. My body is tired from the constant fight for survival but my mind is sharp, still working on a way to get out, to get away. My mind fixates on the bloody handprint I know was on the inside of the shaft’s door. Proof someone had gotten out.

I vow to leave my own as I escape.

Copyright © 2017 Julianne Snow

FLASH FICTION FRIDAY: Service | #freefiction #flashfiction #pictureprompt



My mistress makes me wait in stony silence, looking down from above at those who pass below. I can smell their sins, their worries, their fear; but I’m not permitted to act on their misery. Just to anticipate.

As the eternity of time stretches ever nearer its end, I can’t help but grow weary of the wait. The never ending stream of wretched consciousness, the overwhelming stench of despair; all of it drains me as it feeds me just enough to continue my taciturn vigil.

I long for the taste of them to run down my parched throat, but I remain steadfast in my soundless sentry. There will be blood when my mistress commands it; and it will fall from the mouths of us all to spatter on the streets below.

Copyright © 2017 Julianne Snow

FLASH FICTION FRIDAY: Have You Ever | #freefiction #flashfiction #pictureprompt

Have You Ever…


Part One

Have you ever felt the searing pain of a bite? The way your flesh tears away from itself, the warmth of your blood spreading outward? The white hot pain that clouds your judgement as the nerves once hidden are exposed to the harshness of the outside world?

It’s agony, pure and simple. Your body reacts with a flush of adrenaline, turning you into a super human for the moments it can stand the natural drug running through it. Pain becomes numbed, your other senses heightened, but sometimes it’s for naught.

There’s nothing you can do in the face of murderous hunger. A hunger so intense its unimaginable by those not feeding off it.

The minute I fall is the minute it’s over. The pain is more intense and while my eyes don’t want to see my own end, it is inevitable. That face, my blood smeared across it, is the image I see before it goes dark.

Part Two

Have you ever felt the instinctual need to eat? The way flesh tears away from itself, the warmth of someone’s blood as it flows down your throat? The blinding need that clouds your judgement as the taste of your victim spreads through your amygdala.

It’s ecstasy, pure and simple. Your body reacts with a flush of dopamine, turning your desire into something palpable, orgasmic. Your other senses heighten as the pleasure washes over you, you want—no, need—more.

There’s nothing you can do in the face of insatiable hunger. Your hunger so intense it transforms into unimaginable pleasure misunderstood unless you’ve felt it firsthand.

In a minute it’s over and the bliss slackens, falling off into nothingness but a dull remembrance. The pain of need becomes intense again and your smile turns into a grimace. The body before you is spent, their blood a reminder of the hunger that’s building again.

Copyright © 2017 Julianne Snow


FLASH FICTION FRIDAY: Eyes in the Sky | #freefiction #flashfiction #pictureprompt

Eyes in the Sky


They foretold of terrible events to come.

The eyes in the sky appeared one day and were burned into the memories of those who witnessed them. At the time, no one knew what to think, staring in awe instead of trying to understand the ominous message. With the birds silent and the creatures still, one might have thought the world was recharging, resetting.

But when they came, the eyes disappeared, fading into the horizon, not staying to witness the ensuing carnage. It was vicious, lethal, unrelenting. Suffering unlike anything that could have been imagined—with no one left to witness the utter extermination, the eyes returned to oversee the wasteland they’d created.

Copyright © 2017 Julianne Snow

FLASH FICTION FRIDAY: Tea Time | #freefiction #flashfiction #pictureprompt

Tea Time


Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Some people like tea with their scones and jam but I find a warm cuppa’ is always better when I’m below ground, working with my darlings. Now I know most won’t call them darlings, but given the situation, and their crimes, allow me this small embellishment to keep my better nature in check.

In the light of day, I’m quite mild-mannered. Just a sweet, young woman working a job at the local bookstore, seemingly minding my own business. But at night, oh yes, at night, my less congenial side comes out to play.

You see, I like to eviscerate. I like to maim. And I love to kill. But not just anyone, mind you. My proclivities are saved for a select few who just don’t understand how to act in society. Those who inflict unnecessary pain, unnecessary carnage, unnecessary damage on the innocent.

Those are the ones I save my particular talents for and I’m very good at what I do.

I’d invite you down for some tea but I don’t think my guests are up for company at the moment. Next time, maybe?

© 2017 Julianne Snow

FLASH FICTION FRIDAY: The Guard | #freefiction #flashfiction #pictureprompt

The Guard


Image Courtesy of Pixabay


The job bestowed to me by the all-powerful Mother. To guard is my life, and though I may be small, my bite packs a deadly punch for all who seek to enter where it’s forbidden. My woven home sits upon the rusted metal, the silky strands at odds with the rough surface. It’s here I wait.

Boredom sets in often—at times I wish the Mother had felt fit to honour me with another duty, something with more panache like those who construct the most intricately beautiful webs. But it’s for naught as I was designed to kill with speed.

My silken threads sound an alarm, something is tugging upon the lock barring their entry.

I strike quickly, burying my poisoned fangs into tender flesh. The warning stops, and all is safe again until the next time. Thankfully the Mother is quick with my reward—my sticky filaments trapping the plump fly before it can escape.

© 2017 Julianne Snow

FLASH FICTION FRIDAY: Scour | #freefiction #flashfiction #100wordchallenge



Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Charred remains are all that is left once they’re gone. The fields are still verdant, the stalks rustling in the wind as smoke carries the scent of burned flesh outward. It was a horrific and swift end to a chance at something better—something good. But they would never have allowed that—only death, destruction, and absolute ruin will reign supreme when they’re done with their mission.

When the Scourers come, there’s no hiding and no escape.

© 2017 Julianne Snow