IndieGoGo Campaign: The Great Interruption

The Great Interruption will follow the perils of a young girl as everyone around her slowly vanishes. She will grow up in a world alone and then be forced to deal with impact of everyone’s return. The novel will parallel the experiences of every person growing up. As young people move away from family physically and symbolically, they must decide who they are and what of their family they intend to keep with them. This identity can be complicated by returning to the people that had been left behind in the journey. The mystery of The Great Interruption will have to be discovered by the characters, the readers, and the backers of this project.

An IndieGoGo Project by Jay Wilburn


If you are able to contribute, please do. Jay is a man with a plan, who’s looking to get something cooking. He needs your help, so if you can, give him a hand.

Your money will certainly not be wasted. Plus he’s going to give you goodies if you give him money – consider it bartering.

And trust me, in the end, you get the better end of the deal. Jay is a fantastic author and you will not be disappointed with his writing.

If you wish to pledge, please visit his campaign on IndieGoGo – The Great Interruption.