2012: The Promises I Make to Myself

I have been thinking about what I have endured the past year and the things that I wish for my life in 2012. It’s got me thinking that perhaps a recap would be in order. That and an accounting of the promises I make to myself for the New Year and beyond.

Here are my milestones for 2011. None of you will know this but I started off this year with severely limited vision. Had I let the doctor’s declare me legally blind, they would have. That’s super scary actually when I think about it. For almost 2 years I was unable to see this computer screen that I now sit in front of, to watch a movie, to read a book. It’s something that I don’t like to think about mainly because I never want to go back there but as easily as my vision disappeared the first time, it could very well disappear again. So I take the requisite medications and hope that they keep my spinal fluid production in check.

In addition to regaining my sight, I’ve written over 110K since I started May 31, 2011. That’s 110,000+ words. It is amazing to realize that I’ve written 110K in exactly 6 months. I had always thought that I might like to write at some point in my life but everything else just kept getting in my way. Plus I spent a lot of time talking myself out of it. Once I couldn’t do any of the things that I used to take for granted, my imagination became my only escape. That is where Days with the Undead was born and flourished.

Which brings me to something that is very near and dear to my heart. My love for my family, friends, and fans! I have encountered and interacted with so many wonderful people since I started posting my webseries online on May 31, 2011. At first, I thought that no one would read what I had written but little by little, the number of people who did grew and it shocked me. I appreciate each and every one of my fans and I’m thankful that they have given me the courage to keep on putting my (fictional) story out there.

Out of necessity, I had to tackle the beast that I formerly thought Twitter to be. How else was I going to connect with other authors and fans alike? I enjoy my time connecting with my tweeps and I wouldn’t trade any of the moments that I’ve shared with them.

2011 was also the year that I learned the sanctity of self-worth and self-respect. I had a vague idea of what they were before but I recently ended a very toxic relationship and through it, I learned that the one person I need to trust, nurture and support is myself. It’s made a huge difference in my life and I suggest each of you reading this embraces your own self-worth and learn to respect yourselves in the most genuine of ways. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

My last milestone of 2011 is the fact that I’ve actually put a book out into the world of publishing! It’s right now in the hands of my editor and it’s slated to be released via Sirens Call Publications in February of 2012! And I just have to say that I’m extremely excited about the whole endeavor!

So here is my list of promises I’m making to myself:

  • I’m prepared and ready to meet the challenge of #WIP500 and surpass it if I can. That’s going to be at least 183K words next year; 500 words per day for 366 days. Totally doable right??
  • I plan to submit more pieces to anthologies.
  • I am going to take more time for myself, even if it means just sitting down to read. I have so many works by great Indie authors just collecting digital dust in my Kindle and now I’m going to find the time to read them. Promise!
  • In conjunction with reading more, I’m going to endeavor to post more often here. If I’m reading the books/shorts, I might as well review them. I like to think I have an interesting take on my own eclectic tastes so why not share them?
  • I will broaden the scope of my own writing. I have a lot of literary loves from horror to science fiction to the unclassifiable. It’s time I branched out a bit so watch out world!
  • This last one is going to be the most  difficult one for me… I’m going to attempt to not let my day job bother me anymore. If that means getting a new one, I’m certainly prepared to do that. It’s all about what is going to put me in the best position to achieve each one of my goals.

So I leave you tonight with the warmest wishes for a Happy New Year! May 2012 be filled with all of the hopes and desires you yearn for.

Review: Dead(ish) by Naomi Kramer

“Women! You can’t live with ’em, can’t escape even by killing ’em.”

Recently I picked up this little gem for free from Amazon. Here’s the synopsis exactly as I first read it…

Linda’s had a bad day. First her boyfriend killed her. Then she woke up, still on this boring plane of existence, and with an odd obsession about her missing body. Mike won’t tell her what he did with her body, and she can’t find the stupid thing herself. There’s only one thing she can do – torment the bastard until he coughs up the information.

So you can see why I was intrigued!

Normally I don’t review shorts (the story is only in the area of about 11,000 words). Heck, I haven’t reviewed anything in quite some time. As 2012 dawns on us, I’ve decided that it’s about time that I share my thoughts about what I’ve been reading. And I read this, so it counts!

Ultimately I found the story that Kramer wove together quite delightful! Fascinating even. But not from a “this has never been done standpoint”. More of a “why the heck haven’t I thought of doing something like this yet!”. The manner in which Kramer pieced together the plot through the use of multiple points of view was fun and just quirky enough to keep me intrigued. And her descriptions of what Linda does to Mike are hilarious!

“I look like a smurf, a munchkin and an oompa loompa had an orgy and I was their love-child.”

Just so that you’re aware, Linda is dead(ish) and Mike killed her. The novelette revolves around Linda’s search for her missing dead body. Actually, it’s interesting how Kramer tempers the spectral aspect in a fresh new way. In her story, Linda has the ability to reappear in her previous form, touch things, talk to people, most of the things any living person can do. It’s an interesting twist and I have to say that it helps to move the story along more quickly. And believe it or not, adds an aspect of conceivability to the plot. How else could she have secured the services of a private detective?

For a free novelette, this was a great value. It’s even the first in a series of books. Having read Dead(ish), I’m going to spend my money and pick up the other 2 in the series; (technically) Dead and Dead (as a doorpost).

Overall Rating:

4 out of 5 stars!