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SPOTLIGHT BLITZ: Romance Island Resort | #Romance @DemelzaCarlton

  Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance, Rock Star Romance Where does a rock star go looking for love? Romance Island Resort, of course! An exclusive paradise in the Buccaneer Archipelago off the coast of Western Australia, Romance Island Resort is known for its luxury and the discretion of its staff. Welcome to paradise, where the… Continue reading SPOTLIGHT BLITZ: Romance Island Resort | #Romance @DemelzaCarlton

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VISCERA BLOG TOUR: An Interview with Jessica B. Bell | #Horror #Collection @Sirens_Call

Jessica B. Bell is currently on tour for her quirky horror collection Viscera, and I’m pleased to share a recent interview I did with her! Welcome Jessica! What is your writing process? I sort of plot and write as I go – not that I’m making it up as I go along, but rather that I… Continue reading VISCERA BLOG TOUR: An Interview with Jessica B. Bell | #Horror #Collection @Sirens_Call


SPOTLIGHT BLITZ: We’re Not in Kansas | #SciFi #Thriller

Science Fiction/Thriller Archeologist and single mother, Macy, and her teenage daughter, Tiffany, are off on a fool-hardy search for traces of an ancient Egyptian cat-goddess, Bastet. What they find is far more than they bargained for: a dangerous dictator, a mysterious police inspector, and a grizzled Indiana Jones look-alike.   You might say the trip… Continue reading SPOTLIGHT BLITZ: We’re Not in Kansas | #SciFi #Thriller


SPOTLIGHT BLITZ: Edge of Yesterday | #Romance #TimeTravel @TarahScott

Time Travel Romance Two of Scottish romance’s most loved authors have joined pens to write a thrilling new time travel series filled with passion, danger, and intrigue. These never-before-published novels will sweep you to Scotland’s Highland Heatheredge, where magic is real, time is relevant, and there is no escape from desire… Men are disappearing in… Continue reading SPOTLIGHT BLITZ: Edge of Yesterday | #Romance #TimeTravel @TarahScott

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SPOTLIGHT BLITZ: Tavish | #Romance #TimeTravel @stainjane

Time Travel Romance Tavish was the best boyfriend Kelsey ever had, but seven years ago he disappeared. She coped with her heartbreak by finishing her doctorate in Celtic Artwork, and now her career is taking off. Except Tavish is back, but not in a good way. He keeps showing up at her job sites and… Continue reading SPOTLIGHT BLITZ: Tavish | #Romance #TimeTravel @stainjane

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SPOTLIGHT BLITZ: Breaking Evil | #Suspense #Paranormal @KristinaRienzi

Suspense/Paranormal BECOMING EVIL One year ago, Sera Murano chose evil. She left her human world behind to transform into an Ensoul, a rare and powerful demon, all to fight the evil she was about to become. Working for her father Lorenzo, the leader of all demons, she secretly vowed to overturn his plot to destroy… Continue reading SPOTLIGHT BLITZ: Breaking Evil | #Suspense #Paranormal @KristinaRienzi

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SPOTLIGHT BLITZ: Enigma | #ParanormalRomance @DitterTheGreat1

Paranormal Romance Doctor Abbigail Sutherland is used to being alone. Between twelve hour shifts at the hospital and looking after her eccentric father, she has very little time for much else. Until an unexpected call one night, sends her racing to the lab where she discovers a secret that could change the world forever.  … Continue reading SPOTLIGHT BLITZ: Enigma | #ParanormalRomance @DitterTheGreat1