Have You Seen The Sirens Call Yet??

That’s right, The Sirens Call is out!

For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about, The Sirens Call is the eZine put together by the lovely ladies over at Sirens Call Publications. I just got my contributor copy via email a few minutes ago and after skimming through and reading some of the fantastic offerings from other authors, I had to blog about it right away! Trust me, you’re going to want to get your hands on it! It’s absolutely beautiful and professionally put together!

To boot, Sirens Call Publications is offering a reduced rate on a Subscription for a limited time to celebrate the release of the premiere issue! So hop on over to their website and get your today!

Get your Subscription for The Sirens Call here!

Release: Women of the Living Dead

Women of the Living Dead is here!!

Open Casket Press certainly does not waste time putting together an anthology and getting it out to the masses. What does that mean for you? You get great content all that much sooner! Available now on Amazon is Women of the Living Dead, an anthology made up entirely of female authors, all writing on the topic of the Living Dead.

Here’s what Open Casket Press has to say about what you can find inside the cover:

“Many have called women the fairer sex. To those I say, come home late from a night out with the guys when the wife expects you home three hours ago.

See the venom in her eyes as she stares you down and I defy any man not to cringe like a whipped poodle.

In many ways, women are the stronger sex. Take childbirth for instance. It’s highly doubtful a man could take pushing a football out a hole three times too small. Most men run for Mommy the second they get a splinter or a cold.

And that’s where this anthology shines. Like a teenage girl in high school, females can be more ruthless, cunning and evil than any man on the planet. Lacking empathy, they can slice up a person’s self esteem till there’s nothing left but bloody pieces.

And now an all female stable of writers have been allowed to run free in the world of the undead.

So see the living dead through a woman’s eyes.

But be careful…you might not like what stares back at you.”

It contains stories by Alyn Day, Gretchen Elhassani, Chauma Smith Guss, Jennifer Goraczkowski, Jennifer Koehler, Rebecca Snow, Katie Simmons, J.L. Petty, Suzanne Robb, Dana Bell, Marilyn Simpson, Candis Vargo and yours truly!

Here’s a short excerpt of my contribution – The Living Dead at Penderghast Manor

“It was Chester’s sole job to prepare the bodies of the locals for viewing, and ultimately burial. It was his father’s idea; Chester needed to perfect the craft and the only way to do that was to practice.

Business was fairly steady, so he was confined to the cool, mint-green tiled room containing three white porcelain tables tucked into the basement of the house.

Working on his own gave Chester plenty of time with his thoughts. Thoughts that ranged from what God really looked like to what made up the flavour profile of Dr. Pepper.

Those random but utterly consuming thoughts were what helped to distract him from the bodies that he worked with every day.

He found that ignoring them was easier than dealing with them for the most part. In his teens, he had once asked his father how he dealt with the dead; the voices, the incessant questions or requests that resulted and the struggle to get them to lie still on the cold porcelain as he worked on them…” 

Make sure you get to Amazon to pick up your copy of Women of the Living Dead!