FLASH FICTION FRIDAY: headSpace | #100wordchallenge #poetry #pictureprompt #unfiltered #mentalillness




Image Courtesy of Pixabay.com

thoughts swirl endlessly

playback on repeat

over and over, monotonous worry

clouding everyday thoughts

everyday tasks



I want to break free

breathe the silent sigh of placid peacefulness

just for a moment

to know what free feels like

but anxiety wears me down

down, down, down

the constant unnecessary friend

who comes to play

without invitation

unwanted; all-knowing

destructive; deceptive

always niggling the back of my brain

pushing me to selfdoubt

to second guess

to doubt the hype

to lose faith | joy | selflove

worn out, weary and wary of everything

the cycle begins anew

never ending

Copyright © 2019 Julianne Snow



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