FLASH FICTION FRIDAY: Eyes in the Sky | #freefiction #flashfiction #pictureprompt

Eyes in the Sky


They foretold of terrible events to come.

The eyes in the sky appeared one day and were burned into the memories of those who witnessed them. At the time, no one knew what to think, staring in awe instead of trying to understand the ominous message. With the birds silent and the creatures still, one might have thought the world was recharging, resetting.

But when they came, the eyes disappeared, fading into the horizon, not staying to witness the ensuing carnage. It was vicious, lethal, unrelenting. Suffering unlike anything that could have been imagined—with no one left to witness the utter extermination, the eyes returned to oversee the wasteland they’d created.

Copyright © 2017 Julianne Snow

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