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Truth in Fiction

The Railroad Killer is a real person. It’s a good thing the FBI didn’t do a search on my computer. For several months I researched serial killers, how they did the murders, etc. As an author, I took the liberty of taking the true story of the Railroad Killer and implemented it into Garrett’s Ghost.

This is an excerpt from The Gingerbread House which gave me the idea to write Garrett’s story.

“Yes. When I spoke with Garrett at the convention, he mentioned a couple of things about a serial killer he was looking for in Oregon and Washington. The methods used by the killer there are the same here. He also seems to be having a problem with a ghost.”

 “Why would Garrett have information about a serial killer?” She blinked. “Ghost?”

“Yeah, she started haunting him at the convention.” Eric waved his hand. “He didn’t tell you?”

She shook her head.

“Well, that’s minor at this point. Right now he needs to find that killer.”

“Why? Is it his job or something?”

“Yes. He’s a Texas ranger.”


“The man he’s looking for is called the Railroad Killer.”

“The Railroad Killer?”

“Yes, his victims have been passengers or have been found near railroad tracks, like this killer.”

“What? What do you mean ‘like this killer’?”

Eric rubbed his eyes. “As my investigations have continued searching for Carson Carter, I’m finding bodies. Four to be exact, all along the railroad system on the east coast of Florida to the low country in South Carolina.”

“Mom! Are you coming?” Kimberly asked.

“Yes, we’re on the way.” She started down the stairs. “We’ll discuss this later.”

And to add another tidbit…the model on the cover of Garrett’s Ghost is a rancher from several generations of ranchers.


Garrett’s Ghost

Pamela Ackerson

Genre: Time Travel Western

GarrettsGhostPrintcover_395x600What’s a time traveling Texas Ranger supposed to do?

Garrett Houston is being harassed by a ghost. Trouble is brewing and her name is Margarite. She’s an unrelenting force determined to get his attention. It may be too late for her, but if she could get him to listen, she may be able to save some lives.

A story of unrequited love, the power of healing, and the embracing need to never give up. Unforgettable moments and unforgettable characters will tug at the heartstrings with a myriad of emotions.

Garrett’s Ghost is a touching story brimming with down-home Texas charm.

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Pamela AckersonAbout the Author: Wife, mother, author, and time traveling adventurer. Born and raised in Newport, RI where history is a way of life, Pamela Ackerson now lives on the Space Coast of Florida, a hop, skip, and jump from Orlando, where imagination and fantasy abounds. With the love of reading, she graduated to writing non-fiction, historical fiction, time travel, and children’s preschool/first reader books. 

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