FLASH FICTION FRIDAY: The Eyes Say It All | #flashfiction #freefiction #amwriting

The Eyes Say It All

They bore into the back of your head.


Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Her eyes never stop tracking you as you work. While it’s disconcerting, you continue; you have tasks to complete before the next full moon. She is integral to the ceremony, without her, he won’t come. And he must because the world demands his supreme presence.

You feel her hatred, her pain, her defiance—the heat of those emotions stings your flesh, but you work on, knowing her sacrifice will bring about much needed change.

In the space of a moment, my senses feel a difference in the air. I no longer feel her eyes on me with the same intensity. My head snaps around to look, my fear taking root.

© 2018 Julianne Snow

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