FRIDAY FICTION: Never Saw It Coming… | #FreeFiction

Never Saw It Coming…

Was it wrong to imagine that infernal can being driven deep into his forehead?

I don’t think I can fucking take it anymore! All that infuriating sipping, the sucking of the last drop; it was enough to drive a woman to drink. But never from a can… Ever! Why won’t he simply give up; admit defeat? How can he possibly not know he’s done? Does he do it just to grate on my nerves? There’s a part of me that believes he does it for that very reason. He’s slowly filing down each of my nerves, waiting for me to strike out. I certainly will not disappoint him one of these days, but I need to bide my time. Stupid fucking ass is going to get what’s coming to him and I will be the one to give it to him! Oh yes I will, and I dare anyone to stop me. Hell. I don’t even care if I go to jail – it would be worth it never to have to hear that infernal slurp again.

The skin on the back of my neck crawls as I hear it again. My blood boils as my last nerve is frayed beyond repair. It snaps and so do I. I grab that fucking can from his finger and crumple it, hearing the tiniest of tinkle as the last of the amber liquid sloshes against the aluminum side. Fucking perfect! This time he really wasn’t done, but I don’t care… It’s going to be the last time he ever sucks the fumes from his beer again. My hands hurt as the sharp, pointed edges draw blood from my fingers as I shake the can in front of his dumbfounded face. That look… I want to savour that look. He never saw it coming…

Copyright © 2013 Julianne Snow

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