OPEN SUBMISSION: The Sirens Call – Issue #22 – Supernatural

The Sirens Song

Sirens Call Publications now accepting submissions for our 22nd issue of The Sirens Call — a FREE online publication. This month’s theme is ‘Supernatural’ and just in case you’re wondering what we’re looking for…

Definition of the term ‘Supernatural’ as offered on Google: A manifestation or event attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature.

Examples of the supernatural:

a supernatural being” – paranormal, psychic, magical, occult, mystic, superhuman, supernormal.

supernatural powers” – ghostly, otherworldly, spectral, unearthly, unnatural.

Our definition of ‘Supernatural’: Anything not proven by modern science as being part of the natural world.

Is a vampire part of the natural world? Arguably yes, based on the fact that it may or may not exist in nature, but what makes it Supernatural is the fact that it’s not a scientifically documented creature. Is a werewolf part of the natural world? The…

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