A Monday for Anything: Guest Post with Dana Leipold #BlogTour #BurntEdges


Today on the FlipSide, I have the pleasure of presenting a guest post from Dana Leipold, author of Burnt Edges. If you haven’t been acquainted with Dana yet, let’s take a moment to get to know her…

Dana-LeipoldDana Leipold is a freelance writer, author, and member of the Association of Independent Authors and Creativity Coaching Association. She has self-published two books: a collection of limericks in Dr. Seuss-style for adults entitled, Stupid Poetry: The Ultimate Collection of Sublime and Ridiculous Poems, and a non-fiction book entitled, The Power of Writing Well: Write Well. Change the World, to help writers get their message heard, create stories that connect, and leverage the power of writing well. In addition, she coaches other writers on story structure, messaging, and writing skills so they can achieve their dreams to become published authors. Leipold lives with her husband and two children in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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After hearing the book was based on true life experiences, there was a part of me that wanted to know what aspects of the story were actually true. This is what Dana shared with me…

Actually, the whole novel is based on real events. An important person in my life went through some of these terrible experiences and incredibly, came out a stronger person.

There are a couple of scenes in the book where the main character, Laurel, is molested by her father. I tried to write these as they actually happened, without getting too explicit. The thing that was interesting was how her father would react after the abuse…his guilt and shame would overcome him and he’d turn around and do something nice for his daughter. He would never acknowledge what happened however.

Of course, the father suffered abuse himself. Again his character is based on someone real and this man saw terrible violence in his home and when he went into the army. His only way to deal with all that violence was to drink and then abuse his own children.

What I really wanted to show in this story was the pattern of abuse that gets carried on within families without much thought. It just becomes the way life is lived but what happens when someone becomes aware of that pattern? That’s what the novel is all about.

Thank you Dana! Now let’s take a closer look at Burnt Edges.

Burnt-EdgesAbuse or an uncertain future. This is Laurel Lee Page’s choice when she is faced with an unplanned pregnancy at 18. Born into a broken family, all she has ever known is guilt and shame. No matter what she does or who she meets, Laurel appears to be living a condemned life but she is determined to find independence and freedom in spite of her family’s legacy of hatred and self-contempt. Can Laurel see that she is in a powerful position, poised to break the cycle of abuse? Set in Southern California during the tumultuous 1960s era, Burnt Edges is based on true events and proves that strength can be found even in the most horrific situations.

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