FIVE LINE FRIDAY: ‘Bernard’ from #DragonsofFaith

Dragons of Faith is a round robin novel from 7DS books. My contribution was Bernard and the first five lines follow…

Ever been hit by an airplane and lived to tell the tale? Bernard had. It was 1907 and Bernard, a guardian dragon from the celestial heavens, was travelling back to his mountaintop home in China from one of his favourite places in the world – Italy. His mind was on the Aria he had just heard, replaying the melody in his head over and over again and he didn’t see the painted wooden body with wings slicing through the clouds until it was too late.

The impact sent him spiralling down to earth, able to slow his descent only marginally with his outstretched wings…

Here’s a little more information about the book:

DragonsCoverChristianity | Hinduism | Judaism | Atheist | Satanism | Confucianism | Buddhism.

A keeper for them all. Seven Dragons must join together in order to open the ring of Heavens and stop mankind from continuing its own demise.

With contributions from Michelle Anderson Picarella, Sean Hayden, Julianne Snow, Frantiska Oliver, Marc Quaranta, Richard Graham, and Daniel Picarella, and narrated by Valarie Savage Kinney, Dragons of Faith is a fantasy journey through faith and humanity. Click on the cover if you’re interested in learning more!!

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