#Coffinhop2014: Favourite Halloween Memory

On the last day of the Coffin Hop, it felt only fitting to ask a question about Halloween… So here are some of our favourite memories growing up! Hope you’ve enjoyed the interviews and make sure you enter the giveaway!!

I’d like to thank all of the authors who took the time to answer my strange questions—you’ve made #CoffinHop2014 a wonderful success on The FlipSide this year!

Julianne Snow

It was a MuchMusic Dance Party in Grade 11 and I went as an M&M—a red one. I ended up winning an awesome prize pack that included about 100 CDs and a trip to the MuchMusic Studios. At the time, it was awesome!

Brent Abell

Wow, I guess most of my memories about Halloween are happy ones. Dressing up and running down the block getting candy with my brother and sister was always the highlight.  We used it as bonding time when we dumped the bags out and traded candy.  I look back at those times and I’m glad I had them.  If I don’t see my siblings very often, I know we’ll always have the Great Candy Swaps from our childhood to remember.

Linda LaForge

I made myself a robot costume using boxes. I big paper machéd a balloon for my helmet. It was silver with painted controls all over it. This little old lady (little, even by my standards) asked us in to her home, where we had to walk around her coffee table to pick candy from pretty little bowls. I am not so sure her living room was the same after I left. I know I heard the sound of glass tinkling and smashing in the room. Every time I turned to see what I did it seemed to get worse. She didn’t kick me out and I left with lots of loot!

James Garcia Jr.

I’m a bit of a disappointment here, I’m afraid. We weren’t really raised with Halloween. My mother isn’t a fan. There was some dressing up and certainly our share of candy, but that was about all. The only thing I really recall is working nights, but having a boss that allowed me to take a long lunch in order to take my two boys out for trick or treating.

Alexander Ward

When I was a child, my eldest sister dressed up like a witch for Halloween. She had these long, gnarled rubber hands, a red gown of some kind, and a horrible witch mask with this wild, black hair. I was only 3 or 4 years old at the time but I have a very clear memory of waking in the night to see that witch standing in my bathroom. (My red bathroom in my red bedroom with red doors and red trim, which is plenty unsettling on its own.) It was established that my sister was not to blame. I’m sure it was just my imagination. Right? Anyway, I was utterly terrified at bedtime for years afterward. Good times!

A.F. Stewart

I have a lot of them, but my favourite would probably be the year I dressed up as Darth Vader (the year the first movie came out, so this was before working toy lightsabers, and cool ready-made Star Wars costumes). My sister helped me put together a black outfit and cape (cold-weather proof) with a operational belt that lit up, a homemade helmet (the mask was store bought), and a functioning lightsaber made from a flashlight and flexible plastic sheeting. It was so cool.

Anne Michaud

I was really young, maybe 5 or 6, and one of our neighbors went all out and transformed their whole home into a haunted house: each room was filled with spooks and they gave out handfuls of candy at the end of the visit. My mom and sister remained behind on the first floor when I got lost on the second floor and entered a bedroom. A shadow stood by the bed, dark on darker, and fear grew so intensely at the pit of my stomach, I screamed and ran out of the room. To this day, I’m not sure if it was someone in a costume or if it was something else…

Doug Rinaldi

This is probably gonna be PG-13, but in high school we used to fill up condoms with white soft soap and throw them at people’s doors and front porches.  We were horrible children.

Richard Shiver

As a kid growing up right outside DC. It was the mid sixties, and relatively safe for a bunch of us to get together and trick or treat in the neighborhood without our parents tagging along.

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