#CoffinHop2014: Reflective Advice

Now it’s time for a hard one… One of the introspective and retrospective type questions!

What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself: something you wish you knew then that you know now?

Julianne Snow

Develop a rhythm for writing—get into the habit of writing every day and stick with it.

Brent Abell

Get paid.  That simple, get paid for your work.

Linda LaForge

Choose people in your life who accept you as you are and who want your happiness as much as you want theirs. For starters, like and accept yourself. (That took me a while!)

James Garcia Jr.

I would tell my younger self that regret is a terrible thing. Maybe I will never sell a million copies of my books, but not trying to do so is something that will be difficult to live with when one is staring out of a convalescent bedroom window through old and tired eyes. I didn’t write for nearly two decades while I was raising a family and we were starting careers, etc. It wasn’t until nearly two decades later that I began to realize the regret I was going to have in the distant future if I didn’t dust off that first novel and see it completed. Regret is a terrible thing, and I ask everyone I meet what it is they are waiting for.

Alexander Ward

Having things professionally edited can teach you so much. Get this done whenever possible.

A.F. Stewart

I’d tell my younger self not to be so hesitant. Get out there and try harder to get published and get experience traversing the publishing world.

Anne Michaud

Self-publish right away, don’t waste your time with querying agents and publishing houses because at some point, realize you’ll tire of jumping through hoops.

Doug Rinaldi

Put in the work!  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  No one’s gonna do it for ya.  You need to kick your own ass if you want any return on investment.  And don’t listen to the voices… voices bad.

Richard Shiver

Perseverance does pay off.

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So what could you win?

  • 9 winners will receive 1 of the titles featured in a digital format by random draw (each winner will receive a different title – some authors may throw in other titles as well if they’re feeling generous!) NOTE: Authors are responsible for sending out the prizes and will be given your email address.
  • 1 winner will receive a Print version of Glimpses of the Undead by Julianne Snow



2 thoughts on “#CoffinHop2014: Reflective Advice

  1. I agree with all the advice here. I’d add a three strike rule. If it hurts, if it doesn’t work out, if it’s a big ole time suck-type-drain on your resources, ditch and don’t look back. Well, perhaps do look back on occasion, but only to remind you not to waste any more time and attention on that person (or job, or idea, or friends…). 🙂

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