#CoffinHop2014: The Horror Industry

Horror is here to stay—whether or not you like it! But then if you’re here, you probably like it. But I had to ask: if you could change one thing about the horror industry, what would it be?

Julianne Snow

I think I’d change the perception of it in the mainstream aspects of the entertainment industry. Let’s stop being on the fringes, and revel in the fact that many people like to be scared, despite the fact they don’t want to admit it.

Brent Abell

I would change the idea that horror films have to be driven by ‘jump-scares’ to make an audinece scared.  Make the kids in the seats scared by building mood, setting, and the characters believable.  In most movies the only scary parts are when a cat jumps out from behind a door and the characters are so transparent that you know who lives and who dies within the first five minutes of the film.

Linda LaForge

I like a story that has surprises in it. Too much of what’s out there is too predictable. Gratuitous gore that doesn’t help the theme or the scene of the film or book is annoying.

James Garcia Jr.

I realize there’s a market for everything under the sun; however, I think the splatter-porn folks really do a disservice to the serious horror writers and film-makers; the folks who want to take you on a memorable roller-coaster of a ride that gets you really thinking when it’s over. I’d truthfully like to remove all of the low budget dross that clutters the horror landscape.

Alexander Ward

In-fighting and sniping between content creators bothers me. We’re already working within a genre that is marginalized in some ways. It seems counterproductive. I say build people up rather than tear them down. (Editor’s Note: WORD!)

A.F. Stewart

I think I would change the perception that horror is somehow a “lesser” genre, and it’s all gore and blood spatter.

Anne Michaud

I don’t know if I’d change anything, I quite like how underground and secretive the industry feels. Almost like the world horror authors write about: something hidden that only a few truly know about.

Doug Rinaldi

The horror industry, especially in publishing is really starting to go the way of Hollywood with their money hungry shenanigans.  As I said, horror is a lifestyle choice, but when you try to make it popular all for the sake of the dollar, it loses its charm and honesty and all you get is water downed, cookie-cutter product.  I understand trends, but there is so much quality stuff out there that people need to be exposed to if they’d just get off the band wagon.

Richard Shiver

Honestly I don’t pay too much attention to the industry to offer any advice, I’m too busy writing and working.

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12 thoughts on “#CoffinHop2014: The Horror Industry

  1. I really wouldn’t change much. Some people prefer the blood and gore approach that Clive Barker has to a mood setter/scene manipulation style that an author like Dean Koontz has. There is room for everyone. The authors and movie-makers who survive will be the ones who come up with something new. My thoughts are that psychological horror will jump to the fore. Theater of the mind stuff. Just saying.


  2. Thank you again for including me and for asking that question, Julianne. That was a very meaty question and we’ve had lots of good comments on it. *waves* By the way, thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I guess the podcast interviews get easier the more we do them… #lies #alwaysnervous 😉


  3. Ahhhh… this would be a 3,500 word post if I address all that is answered above. I love each answer, some for the diversity, others for the commonality. Kudos on a great post, Julie! It’s a wonderful grouping of authors you chose to participate! 🙂

  4. Interesting post. Great to read these perspectives. I tend to veer away from horror like Saw because it does little more than disgust me. But I know others who just lap that stuff up – the gorier the better. So I say each to his own. And I do love my zombies, so I’m not in any way averse to gore. But I like intensity of fear, not to be made to feel sick. 🙂 I’ve added my 11 entries. Thanks for an insightful post Julianne. 🙂 I may have to go write one…. I miss this hop every year, which needs to change. X

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