#CoffinHop2014: The 10 Word Challenge…

So this next challenge was a little more difficult. I only gave each of the authors 10 words to tell you about the title they’re featuring… Tomorrow, I’m actually going to introduce them to you in a little more detail!

Julianne Snow

Undead tidbits purely for your enjoyment!

Brent Abell

It’s a nice collection to chill your bones this Halloween.

Linda LaForge

Ashes is a dystopian novella about faith and love.

James Garcia Jr.

Paul is haunted by ghosts from the present and past.

Alexander Ward

Co-edited Lovecraftian anthology with Doug Murano. Small-towns vs. cosmic horror.

A. F. Stewart

Evil is back, in a collection of thirteen chilling tales.

Anne Michaud

Two brothers trust a ghost to find their missing father.

Doug Rinaldi

A bunch of kooky stories that freak out my mom.

Richard Shiver

An extinction event unfolds as the past threatens the present.

Don’t forget to catch up with the other Coffin Hoppers at CoffinHop.com!


Now let’s talk about this giveaway!

There are 9 authors featured during the Coffin Hop and they’ve agreed to provide digital copies of their works to random winners as determined by Rafflecopter!

So what could you win?

  • 9 winners will receive 1 of the titles featured in a digital format by random draw (each winner will receive a different title – some authors may throw in other titles as well if they’re feeling generous!) NOTE: Authors are responsible for sending out the prizes and will be given your email address.
  • 1 winner will receive a Print version of Glimpses of the Undead by Julianne Snow


10 thoughts on “#CoffinHop2014: The 10 Word Challenge…

  1. Thanks for including me in this, J. It is always great to get your name out there, and equally cool to be able to rub elbows with some great new voices in writing. Please don’t let me win my own book, okay. It’s really good, and I am so very proud of it, but if I have to read that one more time… *laughs*
    Cheers, everybody! Happy Coffin Hopping!


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