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A Monday for Anything: A Guest Post with Gary Eddings

Today I have the pleasure of presenting a guest post with Gary Eddings, author of Hollow Point. Let’s take a few moments and get to know him from the person who knows himself the best…

Gary-EddingsI retired as a fire department EMS Division Chief for Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue in 2005. I have been writing seriously since mid-2009, and this is my second novel with Champagne Book Group. I am also a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association. I am the father of four and the grandfather of three; a two year old grandson and newly-minted twin girls.

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So without further ado, let’s give Gary the floor as he answers the question:

If you could change places with any of your characters for a day, who would it be and why?

There is just no getting around it; I like quirky characters that are usually a sidekick to the main character. In the case of Hollow Point, I would choose Grandfather Hawk, a legally blind shaman with his guide dog, Sadie. Hawk can still see grey outlines of people and some other things close up, but his dog more than makes up for his disability. She has a mind of her own. Hawk has lived on the Reservation all of his life. His blindness began mid-life.

Word had it that Hawk catered mostly to Tribal members who still followed the old ways. He was a healer, a counselor, and he performed a variety of traditional ceremonies. He always manages to show up unexpectedly, but with uncanny timing. He always had a plastic bag of raw chicken tucked away in Sadie’s vest.

Hawk had learned to pay attention to his surroundings with the other senses that grew sharp when his eyesight began to fail. He was not shy about accepting free breakfasts at the local café. That is where Colson met him and couldn’t tell he was blind except that Hawk never looked at him while finishing off his plate of food. There was no fumbling of silverware or anything else on the man’s table. Colson didn’t see Sadie on the far side of the table until Hawk got up to leave.

The reason I like this character so much is that he takes on adversity using his wits and the resources he has acquired in the animal world. He also happened to have a very large feathered friend that visited from time to time at the waterfront near the Cultural Center.

That is where Colson met a remarkable, huge chicken lover. Hawk handed him the bag of chicken from Sadie’s vest, gave it to Colson and bade him farewell, which he became known to do. His advice was to see if Colson could make friends with the feathered wonder who was devouring the chicken quickly leaving Colson in fear for his personal safety.

Hawk seemed to know when lessons were best learned on your own. No apologies; no deep explanations; consequences are overrated. That would be a fun way to live for a day.

Thank you for your invitation!

Great post Gary! Now let’s learn a little more about the book – Hollow Point

Hollow-PointThere is no such thing as an ordinary traffic stop, something Tribal Officer Pat Colson is reminded of when pulling over a dusty old Buick. Before he knows it, shots are flying and he is huddled behind his police cruiser for cover.

In the ensuring investigation, a sizable amount of methamphetamine is discovered in the suspects’ vehicle. Uncut and very potent, the question is where does it come from— the Reservation or elsewhere?

With everyone on the Reservation becoming a suspect, and little information to go on, Colson must act fast to stop the dangerous drug from killing more innocent victims and stop a murderer in his tracks.

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