7 Questions

7 Questions with Michael Kanuckel

Today the FlipSide welcomes author Michael Kanuckel for an interview. For those of you unacquainted with Michael, here’s a little info about him…

IMG_0986Michael Kanuckel is an author of fantasy, with an edge of horror.  He lives in rural Ohio with his two sons and a vast library of books and cheesy old movies.

Welcome Michael, now let’s get to the questions… Using ten words or less, tell me about your book.

Post-apocalyptic fantasy where man struggles for survival.

What song would you want to play during the opening credits of your book were it made into a movie? Why?

I think I would rather have an original score, if there was going to be a film version.  Something haunting and melancholy- it’s a pretty bleak world, at least in Winter’s Heart, my first novel.

Who would you want to direct the story of your life? Is there anyone specific you’d like to play you?

I don’t know that my life would make for a very interesting movie.  I’m just a guy who writes.

What is your writing process? Are you a planner or a pantser? Do you prefer to hand write your works or type them directly into your word processor?

My writing process is really not much of a process- I see what I want to happen next, and I go from there.  Sometimes, I don’t see what’s supposed to happen next for quite some time, and I don’t make outlines.  I’m always just picking up the thread of the tale, wherever I left it.  Sometimes I write in a notebook and bring it to the computer, sometimes I type right into the computer- it all depends on where I’m at and what else is going on.

What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself: something you wish you knew then that you know now?

You don’t have to wait for someone else’s approval.  You can write, and get your work out there, on your own.  Go on and do it, when you’re ready.

Good advice! What are the three books that really inspired you to become a writer?

The Lord of the Rings.  Something Wicked This Way Comes.  It.

Now it’s time for the Rapid. Fire. Questions.

    • Coffee or tea? soda
    • Cats or dogs? no
    • Snow or sun? sun
    • Print books or eReader? print
    • Nachos or potato chips? yes
    • Baked or fried? fried
    • Candy or chocolate? candy
    • Comedy, Romance, or Horror? horror
    • Action, Science Fiction, or Animated? all
    • Classics or Modern? both
    • Old World or New World? Old world
    • Sweet or spicy? sweet
    • Comfort or Speed? Comfort

Thank you Michael for taking the time to answer my questions. If you’d like to connect with Michael, you can find him on Facebook or his Amazon Author Page.


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