SUBMISSION DEADLINE EXTENDED: The Sirens Call Issue #14 – Old School Horror

Submission Deadline Extended!! If you have an Old School Horror story, consider subbing it here for great exposure! 36,000+ downloads of our last issue (it’s a FREE eZine!) and still counting…

The Sirens Song

With the number of emails we’ve received from authors who have just seen the open call for the 14th issue of The Sirens Call, we’ve decided to extend the deadline to March 31, 2014!

So… Here it is again!

Old School Horror

For this issue, we want horror.

We don’t want murder mysteries, we don’t want cleverly couched tales of the supernatural, and we don’t want slasher/gore pieces. All we want is straight up horror.

That’s all we’re looking for… Be it a short story, flash fiction, drabbles, or poetry; whatever form you choose to write in, just be sure it’s spine-tingling horror!

Submission Deadline: March 31, 2014

*All submissions MUST be submitted to:

For full guidelines, please visit our website!

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