A Monday for Anything: Trip Though My Mind

In my travels through the vast expanses of the internet, I sometimes come upon a gem of a site that keeps me coming back for more. One of those sites is run by my new friend Jerry Benns.

Please come and take a Trip Through My Mind

Okay it’ll be a trip though Jerry’s mind, but he really does a great job of presenting content that is interesting and informative. From posting about other sites he enjoys to crafting articles based on topics that strike all authors from time to time, you can find Jerry exploring it all.

In fact, he recently posted an article that touched me deeply and it’s something I think you should all check out…

End of Innocence: Empathy

And with that I will leave you with a few words from Jerry himself: 

Trip Through My Mind is the place where I vent and explore my perspective of the world around me. Join me on the journey.

2 thoughts on “A Monday for Anything: Trip Though My Mind

  1. I just came back from reading Jerry’s article. So moving and made me hold up a mirror.Your comment was so well said Julianne.
    Thank you for introducing me to Jerry. Now following his blog and looking forward to seeing what’s in his mind:)

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