7 Questions

7 Questions with Doug Rinaldi

Today I have the very awesome pleasure of presenting an interview with Doug Rinaldi, an author and an artist. Let’s take a moment to get to know Doug a little better…

profileOriginally born and raised in the bowels of Connecticut, Doug graduated college in 1995 and received a degree in Computer Animation and Special Effects for stage and screen.  However, writing dark fiction had always been his passion.

At the turn of the millennium, he joyously bid CT a final farewell and relocated to Boston where he has been working hard, honing his writing skills ever since.

Currently, Doug has finished putting together his short story collection, “Purgatory Behind These Eyes,” and is hard at work on his first novel titled “White Island.”

Welcome Doug, now onto the questions! Using ten words or less, tell me about your book.

Dark tales that will challenge your vision of reality.

Excellent! Now tell me what song would you want to play during the opening credits of your book were it made into a movie? Why?

“Them” by King Diamond.  It’s a beautifully creepy instrumental that fits in perfectly with the vibe of the story.

That’s a good choice! Who would you want to direct the story of your life? Is there anyone specific you’d like to play you?

Roland Emmerich because he is the master of absurd disaster movies and my life is an absurd disaster.  I think Rick Moranis would do my story justice.

I love Rick Moranis!! What is your writing process? Are you a planner or a pantser? Do you prefer to hand write your works or type them directly into your word processor?

My process is that I have no process.  When my brain and fingers are aligned, I am able to write.  I write on my computer.  If I were to free hand my thoughts, I’d never be able to translate the gibberish.

What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself: something you wish you knew then that you know now?

Socially ostracizing yourself leads to social anxiety issues.  Don’t do it.  Also, learn an instrument.  Chicks dig musicians.

Tell me about the three books that really inspired you to become a writer?

Dark Thoughts: On Writing, Phantoms by Dean Koontz, Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind

Oh! Phantoms is one of my favourite Koontz tales! Now it’s time for the Rapid. Fire. Questions.

    • Coffee or tea?  Coffee.  Espresso is my drug of choice.
    • Cats or dogs?  I’m an old cat lady.
    • Snow or sun?  Snun?  I hate both equally.
    • Print books or eReader?  Print.  Books smell awesome.
    • Nachos or potato chips?  Chips!  Salt and Vinegar Cape Cod Chips for the win!
    • Baked or fried?  Both
    • Candy or chocolate?  Chocolate
    • Comedy, Romance, or Horror?  Horror
    • Action, Science Fiction, or Animated?  Action
    • Classics or Modern?  Modern
    • Old World or New World?  New World
    • Sweet or spicy?  Spicy.  Me and heartburn are biffles!
    • Comfort or Speed?  Comfort

Thank you Doug for taking the time to answer my questions. If you’d like to connect with Doug, you can find him on Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter!

Now let’s take a deeper look into Doug’s Manuscript of Deviated Truths Volume I

Clicking on the cover will take you to Amazon!

Manuscript Of Deviated Truths, Volume I, is the first of three collections of short stories by Doug Rinaldi. Volume I contains four dark tales that challenge our vision of reality and make the improbable and impossible truths. 

In “Maelstrom”, a crews’ hold on reality capsizes under the weight of death and despair they find on the open sea. 

“Annual Seed” documents one man’s obsession with the cutthroat world of growing the best vegetables. 

Sadness, helplessness, and unending frustration form a vortex of emotion in “Thy Scars”. 

OCD is the least of Brad’s problems when he comes face to face with the crushing and hurtful reality of the world around him in “Cleanliness And Godliness”.

Doug has a new collection coming out soon (I hope!) and he’s shared the cover with me!

Purgatory Cover2a


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