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7 Questions with Simon Neilson

Today on the FlipSide I have the pleasure of interview Simon Neilson. For those of you unfamiliar with Simon, let’s take a moment to get to know him better…

20130813_183617Born: South London, U.K.

Lives: Hertfordshire, U.K.

Been writing since the age of 13 but only decided to take the plunge into publishing approximately 5/6 years ago.  Has 3 novels, 1 novella and 1 audio drama already in the world and is currently working on 3 film scripts and an audio drama.

Welcome Simon – let’s delve into those questions. Using ten words or less, tell me about your work.

I love to write zombie of apocalypse style tales

What song would you want to play during the opening credits of your book were it made into a movie? Why?

Sixtysixsilversouls by Mosquito Project – it would just capture the essence of the style of stories I write.

Who would you want to direct the story of your life? Is there anyone specific you’d like to play you?

Danny Boyle as director.  Simon Pegg to play me.

For some reason I’m not surprised by that Simon! What is your writing process? Are you a planner or a pantser? Do you prefer to hand write your works or type them directly into your word processor?

I always carry a notebook around to jot down sudden thoughts that enter my head.  When planning a story I use a kind of flow-chart to plot where I am going and so that I know when and where to put twists.  I started out as hand-writer, then as technology came along I started to go direct to word processor but I found my writing didn’t flow as much.  These days I jot down my notes and have them in front of me and I find that I flow with the story much better.

What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself: something you wish you knew then that you know now?

Don’t be scared of failure, use it to your advantage and use your experiences, good or bad, as a basis for your story.

That’s great advice Simon! What are the 3 (three) books that really inspired you to become a writer?

Z For Zachariah

The Hobbit

I Am Legend

Now it’s time for the Rapid. Fire. Questions!

    • Coffee or tea? Tea
    • Cats or dogs? Dogs
    • Snow or sun? Sun
    • Print books or eReader? Print Books
    • Nachos or potato chips? Potato Chips (crisps here in England lol)
    • Baked or fried? Baked
    • Candy or chocolate? Candy
    • Comedy, Romance, or Horror? Horror
    • Action, Science Fiction, or Animated? Science Fiction
    • Classics or Modern? Classics
    • Old World or New World? Old World
    • Sweet or spicy? Spicy
    • Comfort or Speed? Comfort

Thank you Simon for taking the time to answer my questions. For those of you who would like to keep up with what Simon has going on, you can find him on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re interested in Simon’s latest book, here’s a little information about it. Don’t forget to click on the cover to be taken to Amazon to view The Apocalypse Room!

The Apocalypse RoomWhere will you be when the zombie outbreak takes hold?

Stuck in line at the supermarket, at the shops, or in the comfort of your own home, will you be prepared?

Where will quick thinking have you running for safety if you are in the public?

This is the story of a zombie outbreak that takes London so fast, many of the survivors are just stuck. Each day the survivors “login” to a chat to get updates, to know that they are not alone and most important keep their sanity as the U.K. has gone insane and flesh-eating ghouls take over the streets of London.

What’s your username?


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