Five Line Friday

Five Line Friday: The Legacy

These five lines are from a story I write upon the invitation to a charity anthology for May December Publications. Since we’re allowed to talk about it now, I can tell you that the Anthology is called “Let’s Scare Cancer to Death” and I’m honoured to be one of the authors who grace the pages. All proceeds will be donated to V Foundation for Cancer Research.

And now here are a few snippets of The Legacy…

Figuring it was the best way to drown his sorrows enough to forget them, he dove into his work. Pulling up the newest data from the preparation of this year’s flu shots, he concentrated on the molecular formulas and recumbent DNA curled into them. His mind began to spin and within a few hours, he knew he was well on his way to creating his legacy. One last discovery to bring the collective world to its knees in awe of his brilliance…

Here’s the cover and the rest of the table of contents. I’ll be sure to update you when the anthology is released:

Z Children by Eli Constant
Of the Dead by Alyn Day
Memories by Heath Stallcup
Project Arizona by Gregory Carrico
Just Life by T. Fox Dunham
Choices by Claire Riley
Dying Days Mortality by Armand Rosamilia
Gift Wrapped Box by Catie Rhodes
Tunnel by J. Thorn
One Lonely Night by Chantal Boudreau
Sweet Release by Mark Tufo
Uncle by Michael McFarland
The Legacy by Julianne Snow
The Judas Contingent by Blaze McRob
My Name is Charles by TW Brown
Survival by Rhonda Hopkins


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