Five Line Friday: There Is No Wind That Always Blows

Here are the first five lines to There Is No Wind That Always Blows which has been accepted for publication by Firbolg Publishing in their upcoming Enter At Your Own Risk: The End is the Beginning collection. I’m very excited about this anthology as it pairs some of the greatest classical voices from literature with a wide range of current voices. Unique conception and I cannot wait to see how it comes together!

Without further ado…

The lucky got used to the constant wail of the wind. Maguire Redding could call himself one of the lucky few, but considering what the world had turned into, luck was a relative term.

It’s been said that if a butterfly flapped its wings in Paris, the gentle disruption would become a gale force wind by the time it reached New York City. What if a hundred butterflies all fluttered their wings in unison? A thousand? A hundred thousand? What manner of chaos would befall the world if conditions lined up for an actual test of the theory?

Not my inspiration, but a lovely picture of some wind regardless!

If you’re interested in reading the rest, you’ll have to wait until the collection releases. Rest assured, I will let you know when that is!!

3 thoughts on “Five Line Friday: There Is No Wind That Always Blows

  1. I’m very interested and I love your characters name. Rolls off the tongue nicely. I’ll be waiting and congratulations Julianne:)

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