7 Questions with Chantal Noordeloos

Today I have the pleasure of kicking off this year’s interview series with Chantal Noordeloos, an author whom I have become acquainted with over the past few months. Before we begin, let’s give Chantal the opportunity to introduce herself…

chanti coyote picChantal Noordeloos lives in the Netherlands, where she spends her time with her wacky, supportive husband, and outrageously cunning daughter, who is growing up to be a supervillain. When she is not busy exploring interesting new realities, or arguing with characters (aka writing), she likes to dabble in drawing.

In 1999 she graduated from the Norwich School of Art and Design, where she focused mostly on creative writing.

There are many genres that Chantal likes to explore in her writing. Currently Sci-fi Steampunk is one of her favorites, but her ‘go to’ genre will always be horror. “It helps being scared of everything; that gives me plenty of inspiration,” she says.

Chantal likes to write for all ages, and storytelling is the element of writing that she enjoys most. “Writing should be an escape from everyday life, and I like to provide people with new places to escape to, and new people to meet.”

And now it’s time to delve into the questions… Welcome Chantal, let’s start with a hard one! Using ten words or less, tell me about your book.

Coming soon!

No just kidding… that wasn’t it. I want a do-over. Ehm, okay, got one:

An unconventional seven sin series about different sort of hell.

(wow that probably made NO sense at all)…

Making sense is a relative endeavour – I understood what you were saying and since this is my interview, that’s all that matters right? But then, if others didn’t get it, they’ll want to pick up the book just so they can figure it out. Hey! Good for you!! What song would you want to play during the opening credits of your book were it made into a movie? Why?

Oh, anything by Justin Bieber… oh wait… no… no that really wasn’t me… ehm. *taps bottom lip with index finger* let’s see.

For the upcoming series “Even Hell Has Standards” I’m afraid I would have to be a bit cheesy and say “Sympathy for the Devil” from the Rolling Stones, because it’s just too appropriate. Each one of the seven novellas will be linked to ‘my version’ of hell, and will all have a cameo of Satan.

Who would you want to direct the story of your life? Is there anyone specific you’d like to play you?

Joss Whedon. And if he can he can turn me into an action hero too… I spent most of my life in a fantasy world, might as well turn the story of my life into one.

I would love Drew Barrymore to play me (I think her personality matches mine most), or otherwise Kat Dennings (just because she’s cool)

I love Drew Barrymore – great choice!! What is your writing process? Are you a planner or a pantser? Do you prefer to hand write your works or type them directly into your word processor?

I’m a planning pantser. I need to plan my outline and then completely ignore everything and pants most of it. I’m good as long as I have a good idea of the characters and the world they are in, that’s where most of my planning goes into. The story tends to run wild a little bit as I write.

The only handwriting I do is notes. I do some of my (failed plotting) on paper, but for the actual manuscript I use windows word. I’ll take notes on everything though, my phone, note books, random piece of paper… I’ll even email myself.

A planning pantser? Is that even a thing? C’mon! Anyways, moving on… What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself: something you wish you knew then that you know now?

Everything is going to be okay in the end, if it’s not okay… it’s not the end.

I really have no idea what I would tell my younger self aside from that. Maybe to stop being so insecure, but I know that’s really not that effective, so I might not bother.

That is a fantastic piece of advice! I’m going to have to write it down somewhere so I can remember it when I’m feeling a little discouraged (and we all do sometimes). What are the 3 books that really inspired you to become a writer?

To be honest I don’t really think any one book inspired me to be a writer, writing did all by itself *grin*I do love to read though, so I’m going to just pick some books that had a big impact on me.

Kruistocht in een spijkerbroek (crusade in jeans) by Thea Beckman. It’s the first book that really blew me away.

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman (my favorite book of all time) Gaiman is such an inspiration for me

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. I read this as a teen and it really opened a new world for me. There were books out there that made their own rules and I liked that idea.

Now it’s time for the Rapid. Fire. Questions.

    • Coffee or tea? Hot chocolate 😛
    • Cats or dogs? cats
    • Snow or sun? both
    • Print books or eReader? BOTH! This is not a fight, this is a love-in!
    • Nachos or potato chips? Potato chips
    • Baked or fried? baked
    • Candy or chocolate? Hmmmm chocolate *happy sigh*
    • Comedy, Romance, or Horror? Horror (but I like to laugh too)
    • Action, Science Fiction, or Animated? Animated
    • Classics or Modern? Eh? Are we talking dance, music or fiction… I like both again… sheesh, I suck at this don’t I?
    • Old World or New World? *bug eyes* I don’t even know what you mean by that! I am so foreign!! *whimpers*
    • Sweet or spicy? WHY MUST YOU ASK THESE HARD QUESTIONS? I like both… I can’t choose! *sniff* Did I mention I’m a very indecisive person who doesn’t like things to be the same all the time.
    • Comfort or Speed? Oh! Oh! I know this one!!! Comfort!! The idea of me and speed is actually quite funny… people who know me in person will know this. I like to take my time. Except when I write, then I’m fast… but I make up for that with being slow with editing.

A big thank you to Chantal for taking the time to answer my questions! If you’d like to keep up on what she’s doing, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Goodreads, The Coyote Website, her website, and her blog. (Man she’s almost as busy as me!) And here’s a note from Chantal herself about her links:

I always find that leaving these links feels a bit like a dating site, and I have to suppress the urge to tell people that I like Pina Coladas and taking walks in the rain…

And if you’d like to stick around for a bit, Chantal’s going to serve some drinks. Okay maybe not, but let’s take a look at her book, well at least her cover! It’s not released yet but I do hope Chantal will come back and let us know when it is!! Check out her Amazon Author Page for all of the other collections and solo projects she’s given the world of literature!


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