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Coffin Hop Challenge – Episode Seven: Happiness

My Coffin Hop Challenge continues into day seven!

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Episode Seven: Happiness

Bathed in an ethereal glow, Brian awoke unsure of where he was. He reached out his hand to touch the orb that floated in front of him, scared to lay a hand on it but compelled to do nothing else.

The surface was spongy, giving a little as his fingertips made contact. In that moment, he felt the purest moment of happiness he could remember and a feeling of tranquility flooded his body.

The experience was profound. He knew what he had to do and rose to his feet. As the orb lead him down the hallway, a strange voice talked to him in his head.

It spoke to him of the tunnels and how at one time they had been used to secret women and men in and out of the house. It was a sordid past it spoke of, something Brian wasn’t sure he fully understood. But he let it lead him down the hallway, instinctively knowing it was there to help him.

After long minutes, it brought him to a door made of thick oak. While it looked ancient, he could see the absence of rust on the hinges in the blue-tinged light. Placing his hand on the latch, he lifted up and pushed.

Nothing happened. Trying again produced the same result.

Inside his head it spoke to him, telling him to pull. Obeying the voice, Brian was rewarded as the door swung open.

All Rights Reserved © 2013 Julianne Snow


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