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Coffin Hop Challenge – Episode Five: Microfilm

My Coffin Hop Challenge continues into day five…

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Episode Five: Microfilm

The weekend only amped up from there. The next morning, as part of the Haunted Weekend, there were reports of ghosts having been spotted in the halls during the night. It was obvious to Brian it was all staged, the cheese factor extremely high, but he played along because he could tell it made Clara happy.

As the mystery began to play out, Brian actually began to have fun. There were investigations with crazy looking devices they called EMF Detectors and some sort of camera that was meant to show differences in heat. There were even segments that had them searching old microfilm for evidence of historical deaths or purported hauntings.

Soon after, they broke into groups and searched the Bed and Breakfast for any sign of the ghosts.

While in the drawing room with another couple, Clara and Brian stumbled upon a secret compartment behind the bookcase. Inside was tight passageway that lead deeper into the bowels of the house.

“Do you think anyone knows this is here?” a mousey woman by the name of Greta asked the question.

“I’m not entirely sure. Should we check it out?” Brian was excited to investigate the tunnel, his curiosity overwhelming his fear of spiders and anything else that may have been living in the dank, dark corners.

Lighting the hallway with his phone, Brian climbed in first and began the trek to places yet unknown. The rest following him inside, not noticing the door closing behind them.

All Rights Reserved © 2013 Julianne Snow


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