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Coffin Hop Challenge – Episode Four: Machete

It’s Day Four of the Coffin Hop and things are starting to get a little more interesting….

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Episode Four: Machete

With the help of the bellhop, Brian and Clara got settled into their room, amazed that check-in took them next to no time at all. Especially with all of the other couples milling about. Brian heard snippets of a few conversations that confused him, but figured he’d just come into them at the wrong time.

Looking around their room, Brian was a little bit disturbed to see devices of torture depicted in striking black and white. “Were these here the last time we stayed?”

Clara looked up from the bathroom sink, toothbrush in her mouth to stare at him quizzically. Through a mouth of foam she asked, “Was what here?”

“The pictures – some of them are a little creepy to say the least…” Brian’s voice trailed off as he studied a picture of a man dressed in black leather holding a large blade. “I think dude’s holding a machete!”

“You know I never noticed them before but chances are they were here the whole time. Kinda creeps me out to think they stood watch over us as we slept…”

Brian moved to the next photo, looking at the small caption that was scrawled at the bottom: Boehm Fetisch-Club, Berlin 1975. It was an odd photo showing a woman dressed as a rabbit flogging a man dressed as an ostrich. “Get a load of this one!”

Clara came over to where he stood, studying the photo for a moment before turning to face him, “If you’re not a good boy, I might just smack you too!”

With Clara giggling, Brian drew her toward the bed, “Just you wait and see who gets that spanking!”

All Rights Reserved © 2013 Julianne Snow


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