Coffin Hop

Coffin Hop Challenge – Episode Two: Giant Squid

Day two of the Coffin Hop as well as day two of my Coffin Hop Challenge…

Read Episode One here…


Episode Two: Giant Squid

Brian took the remote from Clara and switched the television back on. Bored with the hockey game, he started to flick channels, finally settling on a movie. It was one of his favourites – Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

As a boy, he remembered watching the movie with his paw-paw and being afraid of the giant squids that attacked the Nautilus and Captain Nemo. Now, it was just good fun that reminded him of his first sips of beer and the smell of pipe tobacco.

With the movie playing in the background, Brian nodded off to sleep. It was his usual routine after dinner, and Clara tried not to fume as she called the Bed and Breakfast. Thinking it would be a good lesson for him to learn, she signed them up to take part in the Haunted Murder Mystery that was going to play out with other lucky guests. It was meant to be a full immersion experience and Clara thought it was a perfect gift for her less than attentive partner.

As she went back to cleaning the kitchen after dinner, she couldn’t help but smile to herself. This weekend was going to fun…

All Rights Reserved © 2013 Julianne Snow


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