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Coffin Hop Challenge – Episode One: October

God knows I love a challenge, but I have to wonder if I bit off more than I could chew with this one… Not knowing what I wanted to do for Coffin Hop this year, I posted a status update on Facebook asking for eight words. Coffin Hop is eight days long and I figured what better way to celebrate the festivities than with an original story. I wanted to take those eight words and use each of them as an episode for a complete story. Shouldn’t have been too hard, right?

Then the words started pouring in… Along with the quizzically raised eyebrows on my end – could I really do it? Could I take these eight words and make a story from them? Something that actually made sense?

Abso-freaking-lutely! So each day you’re going to get the next episode of this tale. Some will be shorter than others, but in the end it will be a complete story. It doesn’t have a title yet, that will come the day after the Coffin Hop when I post the whole things from start to finish. I hope you enjoy it!


Episode One: October

“Hey babe, what do you want to do this weekend?” Clara asked as she dried the dinner dishes in the kitchen.

“Ummm…” Brian answered as he watched the game, forgetting to follow his grunt with an actual response.

Coming out of the kitchen, Clara picked up the remote and switched off the game. “Seriously, what do you want to do?”

“Why do we always have to do something? Why can’t we just stay in and have sex like normal people?” Brian playfully grabbed her ass, hoping to pull her down onto his lap.

“How about you take me someplace nice and we can have sex there?” Clara was certainly not above using whatever tricks she found up her sleeve. “There’s this special event that Bed and Breakfast we stayed at last year has for Halloween… Maybe we could go check it out?”

Brian grimaced. He loved October, but hated Halloween. But not one to miss out on a chance to bed his girlfriend, he agreed. “Set it up babe, and we’re good to go. Now give me back that remote!”

All Rights Reserved © 2013 Julianne Snow


Comment on this post to be entered to win a daily prize of a digital version of my novel Days with the Undead: Book One. If you comment on each day, you’ll be entered into the grand prize – click here for more details. All winners will be announced at the end of the Coffin Hop.

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19 thoughts on “Coffin Hop Challenge – Episode One: October

  1. Feeling like a Halloween rabbit at this point… “I’ve been everywhere, man. I’ve been everywhere.” And I’m still a-hoppin’ to see how much more Coffin Hop fiction I can find by awesome authors I’m glad to find out about!

  2. I’ve been saving your posts so I could read them all at once but couldn’t resist and now I’m off to the next episode. Great beginning.

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