Five Line Friday

Five Line Friday: Dead Things Don’t Play Nice

These particular five lines will be appearing in a short story titled ‘Dead Things Don’t Play Nice’ soon to be released by 7DS Books in an anthology called ‘Linger’. The tag line for the anthology is ‘Seven Tales of Why Spirits Stay’ so you’re probably able to ascertain it’s all about ghosts.

The tiny fingertips grasped the edge of the porcelain tub with all of their might, desperately trying to keep her head above water. The smooth surface was slippery but still the child strained, her knuckles turning white with exertion.

Trying a different tactic, the nails scraped at the hands that held her trapped beneath the surface. But drawing blood did not make those hands release her.

As she stared up at Mother, through the crashing waves caused by her frantic struggling, her eyes pleaded for release, for forgiveness, for anything that would stop the torment.

I’ll keep you posted on when the anthology is released!


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