Wicked Women Writers Challenge – Rebecca Snow

On September 7th the recordings and written versions of the Wicked Women Writers Challenge were released via the host HorrorAddicts.net. This year’s challenge to the ladies was “How Will You Survive?” and the Norns gave each of the brave women who tossed their pens into the ring 4 things they had to incorporate into their tales: an apocalyptic disaster, a location, a helpful item and a disability.

If you’d like to listen to the podcast which contains all thirteen of the stories, you can find it here.

If you’d also like to read the stories, you can find them here.

I’m pleased to present short interviews with the Wicked Women during the voting period. Next up is Rebecca Snow who wrote ‘Hazard’ for this year’s challenge!

What possessed you to sign up, knowing that your fate would be in the hands of the Norns?

I live on the edge…of a teacup.  A very small teacup.  Actually, the possession may have been a bit of boredom mixed with the fact that sometimes I like to push myself to do things that make me a bit uncomfortable.  And “public” speaking isn’t my strong suit.

Out of the 4 criteria you were given, what did you think would be the hardest to work into your creation?

The most difficult thing I had to do was decide on a biological weapon.  I was given free reign as to what it would do, so I had to pick something that would seem to work on a golf course.  I toyed with sand fleas, but every time I tried to write the story, I just started itching.

If you had to choose a Wicked Woman to vote for this year, who would you choose?

All of them.  They’re awesome.  Seriously though, I’m going to have a hard time picking one.  Every story had wicked elements and really creeped me out on some level.  And yes, this may seem like a cop out of an answer, but I haven’t chosen yet.

What would like listeners and readers to take away from your story?

THIEVES!!!!  Nothing!  Leave my stories alone!  Just kidding.  I’d like them to get a feeling that creeps up on them when they least expect it and makes their skin crawl just an eensy bit.  Or a lot.  I’m not picky.

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