Wicked Women Writers Challenge – Leigh Lane

On September 7th the recordings and written versions of the Wicked Women Writers Challenge were released via the host HorrorAddicts.net. This year’s challenge to the ladies was “How Will You Survive?” and the Norns gave each of the brave women who tossed their pens into the ring 4 things they had to incorporate into their tales: an apocalyptic disaster, a location, a helpful item and a disability.

If you’d like to listen to the podcast which contains all thirteen of the stories, you can find it here.

If you’s also like to read the stories, you can find them here.

I’m pleased to present short interviews with the Wicked Women during the voting period. First up is Leigh Lane who wrote ‘Enter the Corruption’ for this year’s challenge!

LMLaneWhat possessed you to sign up, knowing that your fate would be in the hands of the Norns?

I love pushing myself beyond my comfort zone with my writing, always striving to set the bar a little higher with each piece.  I knew the Norns would put me in a difficult spot, and I looked forward to finding creative ways to meet their challenge.  It looked like a lot of fun, and it definitely lived up to my expectations.

Out of the 4 criteria you were given, what did you think would be the hardest to work into your creation?

The “extreme itchiness” disability was a tough one because I knew it would take a moderate level of tact to pull off without making that aspect of the story campy or awkward.

If you had to choose a Wicked Woman to vote for this year, who would you choose?

I’m torn between Chantal Boudreau’s story “A Wing and A Prayer’ and Amy Marshall’s “Paternoster’.

What would like listeners and readers to take away from your story?

I’d like readers and listeners to walk away with an appreciation for new variations of old tropes.  “Enter the Corruption” follows the apocalyptic zombie pattern, but I cut the story’s pieces from an altogether different cloth.  The corrupted are far from traditional zombies, having lost their souls rather than their minds, and although zombies were one inspiration behind their development, equally so were elements of cyberpunk and hard sci-fi.

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