Wicked Women Writers Challenge – Rebekah Webb

On September 7th the recordings and written versions of the Wicked Women Writers Challenge were released via the host HorrorAddicts.net. This year’s challenge to the ladies was “How Will You Survive?” and the Norns gave each of the brave women who tossed their pens into the ring 4 things they had to incorporate into their tales: an apocalyptic disaster, a location, a helpful item and a disability.

If you’d like to listen to the podcast which contains all thirteen of the stories, you can find it here.

If you’s also like to read the stories, you can find them here.

I’m pleased to present short interviews with the Wicked Women during the voting period. First up is Rebekah Webb who wrote ‘Prey’ for this year’s challenge!

RebekahWebbWhat possessed you to sign up, knowing that your fate would be in the hands of the Norns?

I was possessed by the ghost of Writeovia, a demon who roams the land, tricking writers into challenging situations. I got off rather light, seeing as some writers Writeovia has gone after end up trying to write a hundred thousand word fantasy epic while chained underwater.

Out of the 4 criteria you were given, what did you think would be the hardest to work into your creation?

The allergy part. If I had gone with one of the people having an allergy, then it would have seemed to convenient to have both what they were allergic to present and have them come in contact with it. So, I had to come up with a way for it to fit naturally into the story.

If you had to choose a Wicked Woman to vote for this year, who would you choose?

Whoever scared me the most.

What would like listeners and readers to take away from your story?

A little bug of a thought, something that nags at them for days after they read the story, bringing new fears and psychological twists that keep them up at night.

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