Nine Questions with… Anne Michaud

Today I welcome Anne Michaud, a fellow Canadian, to The FlipSide. For those of you who haven’t read anything by Anne, let’s take a quick moment to acquaint everyone. Welcome Anne, why don’t you take a moment and introduce yourself to the captive audience that you now have before you.

Anne_MichaudI’ve always loved to freak people out, either by dressing all in black or with stories tending to be of the darker side of things. I’ve studied filmmaking, written, directed and produced three short films before realizing it wasn’t for me: I like to be alone and write, not be on a set with neurotic people. So there, my fury friends and I enjoy reading, music, antiques and ghosts – and writing.

Tell us about your writing process?

Sadly, I do not control when inspiration strikes, so it either visits me in my dreams or right when I’m about to fall asleep, in the shower, in the car, anywhere my mind wanders. Then it anchors into my brains, developing a life on its own until I write down dialogue bits, characters’ names and goals, a rushed outline. I have to let it simmer a bit then write down a first draft, send it to betas then work at it until it feels right.

Is there a genre, other than the one you currently write in, that you wish you could break into?

Well, not really.

That’s an honest answer. What are the 5 books that have influenced you the most, and why?

L’Écume des Jours by Boris Vian: my first dip into the world of the absurd and it left a deep imprint on how I approach my own ideas. Never be afraid of the crazy and always embrace what sets you apart. I read the book at ten years old, but the story never really left me.

Everything by Neil Gaiman: I love his voice, how he perceives things, the way he carries a story. I remember the first time I read Sandman, how I wished to step into that world and become someone coming from his imagination. A true poet, I just love him.

The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins: I never thought of writing YA before I read about Katniss, how it didn’t matter what age, anyone could identify to an amazing character. Plus, I’ve loved dystopian plots since 1984, which leads to…

The complete collection of novels by George Orwell. So dark, gritty and sad, the man knew how to write a story dragging you down the gutter, eating you up and spitting you out. I wish I could have a tenth of how he understood human nature and how he explored its dark side.

Guy de Maupassant. This old French dude knew how to make us gasp with original twists, and even if I’ve only read his short stories, I always go back to that first time I read The Necklace – my jaw dropped and I couldn’t get over it for a week. Go read it, it’s free on the internets!

If you could cast one of your works, who would you choose to play your main characters?

I’ve been thinking about this script perfect for Johnny Depp, if he ever wants to go back to his indie ways…does that count?

I think that definitely counts! What is the first thing you would do if you woke up one morning to find one of your books on the NY Times Bestsellers List?

I’d find a frame for it.

Do you have any vices that you turn to while you are writing?

Not really, but when a big project is done, I do treat myself to the best thing in the world: brownies in a cup. Oh hell, I treat myself even when I don’t. Like right now. Yum.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

The work that pays the bills is a transcription position for documentaries and courthouse sessions. It can be really interesting, depending on the subject/case, but one thing is for sure: I have learned about speech patterns and characterization. Oh, and how our world can be so sad, too.

Please share with us the first nine lines of your current work-in-progress.

“She smelled of rotten leaves and cold stone.” Taken from Killer Girl, my YA thriller.

Short and sweet! Thanks Anne! Okay let’s take a quick look at Anne’s YA Thriller Girls & Monsters

girls&monstersDeath Song: Liz is in love with Joe, but the monster of the lake has other plans for them.

Black Dog: Scarlet is engaged in a struggle for her sanity, but according to the voice in her head, she may be too late.

A Blue Story: When Katherine’s beloved dog goes missing, she fears her strange new neighbor might be involved.

Dust Bunnies: Christiane faces her childhood arachnophobia and ends up confronting even greater fears in this test of sisterhood.

We Left at Night: Brooke and her family must abandon their home and their lives to make it out of a disease-plagued town overrun by zombies.

Just click on the cover and you’ll be whisked away to! If you would like to connect with Anne, you can find her on her blog, Twitter, or on Facebook.

There’s also a chance to win a Girls & Monsters soft cover with The Monster Collection Skellies of 5 pieces, handcrafted by Anne! Click here and fill up the form. The winner will be announced on release day, April the 30th at 9pm (east) during my LIVE CHAT at Darkfuse!

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