Open Submission: FEAR: Of the Dark

Are you afraid of the Dark??

The Sirens Song

Fear, it seems such a simple word, a common word; one syllable that can be applied to almost anything. Well, we’re applying it to our new series.

There is always something to be afraid of in the dark; just the dark itself can paralyze some. Is it really quite as simple as it seems?

We don’t think so, and we’re pretty sure you’ll agree.

There is plenty to fear in the dark. Perhaps something lurking unseen in the shadows, a place so foreign no human mind has return from it unharmed, paranoia so pervasive it can drive the most sane individual over the edge.

Or maybe you are the dark; maybe you are what we need to be afraid of…

Elementary in concept? Maybe, but so much more complex when told with the finesse of a wordsmith. Tell us your tale of why we should be afraid of the dark…

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