Book Review: The Hand of God by Tim Miller

“Charlie Sims is not your typical preacher. God has called him to rid the world of sinners. One corpse at a time, he carries out his brutally selfless work until a more powerful preacher appears who will change his life forever. A battle ensues for the fate of mankind. 

Charlie’s devout beliefs are shaken as he finds himself hurtled into a battle for the end of the world where nothing is what it seems. A violent tale filled with death and chaos, the lines between good and evil are blurred and eventually demolished.”


I received this book from the author as a gift. Thank you Tim! There was no mention or requirement of a review, but I’m giving you an honest one regardless.

The Hand of God by Tim Miller was somewhat of a surprise to me. I have read quite a few books with religious undertones in the past and Frank E. Peretti is one of my favourite authors among the hundred or so others I say that about. Ideally, in its most simplest form The Hand of God is a story of good and evil, but what sets the book apart from others that tackle the same theme is it’s not quite clear who is good and who is evil. Read the book and you’ll completely understand what I’m talking about.

The pacing was excellent and the characters are drawn in an incredibly believable way, despite the fact that many of them are religious icons. With giving away too much, Pastor Charlie and the Bishop were among my favourites and I loved the subtle way that Miller tinged each of them with bits of good and bad.

The Hand of God will make you think about what you know of religion and Miller’s own study of the biblical realm is evident and very much appreciated. His advanced study in the subject was definitely an asset in how many of the situations were explored and ultimately explained.

If you’re looking for a great allegorical read with a dose of religion mixed into the fray, The Hand of God is a book you will likely enjoy. Personally, I cannot wait for the sequel.

Rating: 4 stars

You can find The Hand of God on Amazon.

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