AJ Brown writes a blog post that many authors should read – and read carefully!

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I had a cool blog all figured out, based on a quote by Albert Einstein, but then something else came along. Let me explain.

On Facebook I always see people posting about their successes in the writing world. You know, things like ‘hey my story just got accepted at such and such anthology,’ or ‘I just signed with an agent,’ or even better, ‘my novel was just picked up by The Most Awesome Publisher In the World.’ These are all great things and I enjoy reading how people have had success in the business.

You know what I don’t see a lot of? Go ahead, guess. I’ll give you three chances, and your first two don’t count.

I don’t see a lot of the failures. People just don’t post about them. I don’t see much about the books not being picked up, the short stories being rejected, the agonizingly excruciating…

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