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Nine Questions with… Jeff Jake

Today I’m joined by an author new to the Indie publishing. His name is Jeff Jake and if you’re unfamiliar with him and his work, let’s take a moment to acquaint you. Welcome Jeff, why don’t you introduce yourself to the captive audience that you now have before you.

JeffreyJakeI’m originally from St. Louis Mo. and currently live in Southern Illinois. I have been happily married to my wife Heather for almost 19 years. I have two children, Alyssa (22) and Matthew (15). I work for a company full time and have recently taken up writing on the side. Assassin’s Retribution is my first novel to be published. I hope to add more to the list in the near future. I’m currently working on my second novel, The Valiant Incident. I’ve wanted to write a novel for over 20 years. So for me this is kind of a dream come true.

Tell us about your writing process?

I like to use a dry erase board to block out a framework for my novel and develop my characters. From there…. I dive in.

Is there a genre, other than the one you currently write in, that you wish you could break into?

I plan to write in many other genres. My first and second books are sci-fi, mainly because that is an area that I am most comfortable. That said, I plan to write some fantasy, WWII, and even have an outline for a zombie novel.

What are the 5 books that have influenced you the most, and why?

To narrow myself to just 5 books would be hard. I’ve read so many. Ever since I can remember, my dad would take me to the library with him. We would spend hours looking at books. So, I can’t really say with any certainty what the top 5 would be.

If you could cast one of your works, who would you choose to play your main characters?

Well I only have one and a half books right now… So that’s easy. In Assassin’s Retribution, my main character is a female assassin named Natasha Frisk. My first choice would be Angelina Jolie. Should she not be available, I would go with Scarlett Johansson.

What is the first thing you would do if you woke up one morning to find one of your books on the NY Times Bestsellers List?

Wow… What if?? After I told my wife, I would call my mom and dad to let them know.

Do you have any vices that you turn to while you are writing?

I like to have background music playing (instrumental) and a large glass of sweet tea.

I sometimes need music in the background as well; it gives me something to ignore and actually helps me to concentrate. What do you do when you’re not writing?

I like to spend time with my family. We like to watch various TV shows and enjoy going to the movies. If you’re asking what I do to bring home the money, I work at a local fuel pump manufacturing company, Airtex Products, LP. I’m in the human resource department.

Please share with us the first nine lines of your current work-in-progress.

An excerpt from ‘The Valiant Incident’…

With a blinding flash of light, the heavy cruiser Valiant drops back into real space and begins to drift. Her massive main drives sputter and die. It’s taken all that they have to bring the ship here out of harms way. Her exterior shows the scars of battle. Several spots still venting precious atmosphere into space. As the ship drifts and pitches over like a dying and beached whale, the crew scrambles to repair critical systems.

On the bridge, a haze permeates every corner. Panels spark and crack as circuits overload and fail. Several stations have to have fires put out. Captain Rosek turns to his navigator, “How far did we make it?” He is concerned the drives didn’t hold out long enough to get them out of the Xeneg’s sensor range.

“We managed to jump 24 parsecs.” She glances at her captain with a hopeful look.

“Good. That should be enough. Get me our location. Comm’s, see if you can reach command and advise them of our situation.” Walking over to the damage control board he motions for his XO to join him. “Harlan, I need you to go over the damage and start prioritizing the crews. We need to get propulsion, shields, and weapons back on line yesterday.”

Nodding to his captain, “I’ll get right on it.”

Thank you Jeff! If you’d like to connect with Jeff, you can find him on Twitter or Facebook. And now for a look at his book Assassin’s Retribution…

AssasainsRetributionIn the future, technology is the new currency. Assassins are used by companies to stop or steal the latest cybernetic designs. Natasha is one of the best in the business. However, a nemesis from her past has found her, and now she must hunt him down or be killed.

Don’t forget to click on the cover to be taken to Amazon!

Join me next week when my guest will be F.P. Curti!


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