Nine Questions with… Georgia L. Jones

Today I am joined by Georgia L. Jones, author and salon owner as a part of her Remnants of Life Book Tour. Just in case some of you have yet to be formally introduced to Georgia, let’s get to know her a little bit.

GeorgiaLJonesGeorgia L. Jones was born in Columbia, Missouri on September 21st, 1968. In 1992 she settled in the beautiful Ozarks town of Lebanon, Missouri, where she met and married the love of her life. Together they have raised 7 children and have the 8th still in their home.

At a young age Georgia learned the value of getting lost in a good book. She has always enjoyed reading and letting her imagination run wild. In her early teenage years she began to put her own stories down on paper as she plunked out the words on an old manual typewriter.

In 1996, Georgia enrolled at Missouri State University where she majored in Psychology. While there she found an untamable thirst for Philosophy and Greek Mythology. Many evenings she can still be found curled up with one of the great Greek tragedies or reading about personal continuity by Rene Descarte.

Over the years Georgia has harbored the dream of being a published author and written many short stories. On January 10, 2010 she embarked on the dream as she began to bring the characters from her first novel, Legends of Darkness, to life. Upon completion in June 2010 she realized that it was not a single book but a series and created the concept of the series Remnants of Life. She is currently working diligently on the Remnants of Life series.

Introduce yourself to the captive audience that you now have before you.

Julianne, Thank You for having me here on The FlipSide.  My name is Georgia L. Jones and I’m a Fantasy Author.  I live in the beautiful Ozarks in Southwest Missouri with my husband, my five year old, and an English Mastiff who is appropriately named “Tank.”  I share a birthday, September 21, with the famous author Stephen King.  He has also been quite an inspiration to me.  I love his writing style and sometimes find myself saying, WWSKD, (What Would Stephen King Do), while writing.  I have enjoyed writing my entire life and embarked on the dream of becoming a published author in January of 2010 when I began writing Legends of Darkness, the first book in the Remnants of Life series.  Since then, I have realized the dream of becoming published, with Blackwyrm Publishing out of Louisville KY.  My debut novel, Legends of Darkness launched on March 17, 2012, a short story The 2012 Official Survival Guide launched on September 29, 2012, and very recently Witches, the second book in the series, launched on December 1, 2012.  I am currently working diligently on the third book in the Remnants of Life series that has a working title of Thorn, going to conventions, promoting my writing, and running Aphrodite’s Hair & Nails, which is the salon I have owned since 1999.

Speaking of famous birthdays… You started writing Legends of Darkness on my birthday! That’s awesome! Tell us about your writing process?

Writing for me is very passionate.  It is usually sparked with an emotion or a thought.   Once I get the idea, usually I let it simmer in my mind for a while.  Legends of Darkness had been on my mind for a year or so before I ever put my first words on paper.  Once I get my storyline mapped out in my mind then I begin writing.  I keep my notebook with me nearly all the time.  Small things in my day to day routine will spark something in a scene and I will jot it down.  I handwrite my first drafts.  I have tried to do it on my computer and it is just easier for me to write it down in the first draft.  Once I get the story in a rough draft form then I begin to transfer the actual story to my computer.  For me, typically I will rewrite a story 6 or more times before I’m ready to let anyone read it.  Throughout the process I keep extensive notes.  My series, Remnants of Life, is a five book series and I have a chapter outline for Thorn completed, and I am working on the first draft of the book, but I actually have character sheets started for characters that will not emerge until the fifth book.   I also have scenes written out that I may or may not use through the whole series.

So from the sounds of it, you are definitely a planner. I’m a bit of both – a planner and a pantser. Sometimes, despite my best intentions, the story goes where the story goes! Is there a genre, other than the one you currently write in, that you wish you could break into?

I currently write in the fantasy genre.  I have always been very comfortable with it.  The boundaries seem limitless when it comes to that genre… BUT… I have dabbled in the parody/comedy/political genre with Smarty Mic Smartypants’ book, The Official 2012 Survival Guide.  I would love to be a political comedy writer.  In my opinion, the comedy genre is very difficult to write in, but I would love to seriously try some more extensive comedy works.

Tell us about the 5 books that have influenced you the most, and why?

1. The Bible because it has taught me many moral lessons in life.

2. Discourse on Method and Meditations on First Philosophy by Rene Descarte, because no matter how many times I read it, I learn something new.

3. Classical Myth by Barry B. Powell because it was the book assigned in my first college level mythology class and it introduced me to the wonder of mythology.  I have had a passion for it ever since I cracked the book open.

4. Thinner by Richard Bachman because it was just a great book and I found it very entertaining.

5. The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis because it is one of the most creative fantasy series I have ever read.  I appreciate how mythology was used to bring together the fantasy elements.  

I’ve been a huge fan of the Narnia series ever since I first read them back when I was a child. I was so excited to see them come to the big screen in the recent adaptations and the actors that were chosen to play the characters embodied everything that I remember from the days I spent curled up reading them. If you could cast one of your works, who would you choose to play your main characters?

Kate Beckinsale would be Samoda.  While writing, I can actually visualise how she moves in the Underworld movies and I can see Samoda moving like her.

What is the first thing you would do if you woke up one morning to find one of your books on the NY Times Bestsellers List?

I would call Dave Mattingly, the President of Blackwyrm Publishing to find out what miracle he had performed overnight.  I would be the happiest woman on the planet!

Georgia, do you have any vices that you turn to while you are writing?

I probably have fewer vices while writing than I do when I’m not writing.  I usually can get lost while writing and a whole day will have gone by without moving from my spot.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

I work a lot.  When I’m not writing I’m either spending time with my family or working at my salon.

Please share with us the first nine lines of your current work-in-progress.

The blood pouring down my face was an indication that the blow had struck harder and deeper than I had really thought.  I wasn’t sure if I would be able to withstand it again and I stumbled backwards trying to regain my balance.  This time I had evaded the brunt of it and it only grazed the side of my face.  I wasn’t sure what the driving force was.  It was coming at me over and over again, and I continued backwards to try and avoid it as much as possible.  I wasn’t as fast or as strong as my assailant and before I knew it, I was overcome.  The pain stung through my body and the blood, I could feel the gooey thickness dripping from every part of me.  Then I fell into a state of knowing what was going on, but really not caring.  There was no more pain to be felt, just the realization that sweet death was coming for me and I would no longer be.  I would never again feel… anything.  I was relieved. The suffering was coming to an end.

Great excerpt Georgia – thank you  very much for taking the time to stop by today! For those of you looking to connect with Georgia, you can find her on Twitter, Facebook, or her website.

Now let’s take a quick look at Legends of Darkness, the first book in the Remnants of Life Series...

Front Cover LegendsDangerous Saviors… What would you do if your life rested in the hands of something that really wanted to eat you? Come journey through the realms of the next world where everything you know about Good and Evil are put to the test.

Samantha Garrett lives and dies a good life in the human world. She awakens a new creature, Samoda, a vampire-like warrior in the army of Nuem. She is forced to realize that she has become a part of a world that humans believe to be only “Legends of Darkness.” Samoda finds her new life is entwined with the age-old story of greed, love, betrayal, and vengeance.

Join our heroine as she battles not just for her own existence, but for the entire human race’s future.

**Don’t forget to click on the cover to get swept away to Amazon to purchase Legends of Darkness!**

Georgeous cover, isn’t it? Thanks again Georgia! Don’t forget to tune in next week when I will feature an interview with Christopher Kokowski.


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