The Winners of the Coffin Hop 2012

I am super excited to announce the winners from Coffin Hop 2012!!

Each day, anyone that left me a comment on a particular post was put into the draw to win a digital copy of my novel Days with the Undead: Book One. In addition, everyone that posted on any of the posts between October 24th and October 31st was in the running to win the Grand Prize – an autographed print copy of Days with the Undead: Book One and autographed copies of each of the anthologies I have appeared in to date.

In addition, I also won a prize pack of all of the publications to date put forth by Sirens Call Publications which happens to include my book so I’ve asked special permission and I’m allowed to give it away as one of my prizes too!! Super fun huh??

And the winners are…

Daily Prize Winners:

Vince Considine (Day 1)

Penelope Crowe (Day 2)

Jolie du Pre (Day 3)

Laurie G (Day 4)

Heather Powers (Day 5)

Erma Hurtt (Day 6)

liese2 (Day 7)

Brent Abell (technically from Day 2 but no one commented on Day 8… so everyone that did not win got picked from again!)

Sirens Call Publications Prize Pack:

Amy Marshall

Grand Prize Winner:

AJ Brown!!!

If you won a prize, email me – JulianneMSnow(at)gmail(dot)com – so that I can gather the appropriate information from you all! Congratulations to everyone!!

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