Flowers for Evelene – Free Book Offer from Nina D!!

Shared from Spreading the Writer’s Word!

You all need to read this post by Ms. Nina D’Arcangela!! Plus there’s an offer for a free book as well from the talented Joseph Pinto!!

Flowers for Evelene by Joseph A. Pinto

Everyone has their demons… Doug Parkerson knows it all too well. He was haunted as a child when his loved ones left him one by one. Now, he wishes to put his grief behind him and reclaim his life. But there is one person who has never left him. One woman who was always there. Doug Parkerson is about to discover her overwhelming desires will become his own…

This book takes a dark twist down the gut wrenching path of soul shattering depravity brought on by one’s own inner demons. Are they real or imagined? Does it matter when you’re fighting for your survival?

To read the rest of what Nina has to say about Flowers for Evelene and to get in on getting a free book, read it here.

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