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Review: Time of the Season by William Butler

“Ben cocked his head to the left as he looked at his reflection in her sunglasses.

“I look fucked up,” he mumbled.”

If you’ve ever wanted to read a story that artistically melds the world of boxing with the subterfuge of a robbery then Time of the Season by William Butler is the book for you. The titillating product blurb reads like this:

“A plot to steal 10 million dollars. A man down on his luck. A woman with a plan. A lethal affair that could only end badly. Ben Lyons is down on his luck, but his luck changes when he meets Lauren Tinsdale, the wife of loan shark and ex-boxer Freddy “The Beef” Tinsdale. Seduced by Lauren, Ben finds himself caught up in her plan to steal a large sum of money and then skip town. But is that all Lauren wants from Ben? Or does she have another plan…one that involves taking her husband’s life?”

The overall pace of Time of the Season was measured and well-timed and the plot was solid and well thought out. The voice with which Butler weaves the story is impeccable; as you’re reading, you feel as if you’re a part of the action. His use of proper terminology was spot on and helped to place you within the world he created.

The characters that Butler created are likable when you need them to be but detestable when the current of the story changes. Ben is a tight character, written to have an ease about him despite his personal damage. His passionate connection to Lauren has the ultimate feeling of danger and she is a delightfully aloof character at times. Her husband Freddy is the kind of character that is so beautifully written that you actually want to put your hand through the page and connect with his smug face. The cast of accessory characters supports the main players very well, written in such a way as to not take away from the intensity of the struggle between the main characters but complement them. As a whole, Butler has a definite and defined was of crafting relatable characters, even if you don’t relate to them directly.

“He pulled up to the bar and walked in. It was slow and with the regulars. You could always count on the regulars. They are what makes the place a home.”

Time of the Season was a great read. I found myself losing time as I got involved in the plot and in the lives of the characters. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an engaging read to escape into.

My rating 4 stars out of 5


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